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have U ever been in a public place and answered your cell phone and told by the place U at to take it outside?

have U ever been in a public place and answered your cell phone and told by the place U at to take it outside
and just seconds later the person that informed U that it was a NO-NO has their cell phone ring too so same thing happen 2 them…
the place a college campus library….
a classmate looked up and chuckled cause the boss of the library was in the same postion…with a cell phone ringing…
It’s funny when one is to enforce rules and has the same thing going on…
Is that Karma where something comes around goes around right back at them?
has this ever happened to U?
I am not a fan of cell phones…just want to make that clear!!
( I guess life is funny like that when one is to make the rules it also applies to those that enforce them too…LOL 😛 )


  1. Cellphones are destroying privacy and civility and they are probably giving everyone brain cancer.
    That being said, I haven’t ever been in a position like that, because I tend to read signs. If cell phones aren’t permitted, I turn mine off. I am also a smoker, and beleive me, I am the first person out of my seat to tell someone to put it out if they are in the non-smoking section. We all have rude habits and we should all be aware of them and try to make them as unobtrusive as possible.
    You seem like a very smart, funny person, so please don’t take my rant personally. And I agree, life is funnt. Many people who enforce rules don’t actually believe in them.
    You shouldn’t talk on the cell phone in the library. It’s disturbing to people trying to read. Your in college and should know that. Sure, you can text, but you should set the phone on vibrate. It is also rude to talk on the cell phone when you are driving, checking out at a store, and when waiting for or being in a interview.
    I detest cell phones and the behavior they bring out in people. I don’t think it’s Karma that her cell phone went off. She might have forgotten to set it on vibrate or it might have been a work cell phone, which would be completely appropriate, since she would be briefly discussing library business and not carrying on a twenty minute “OMG” fest. Not that you would have, but many people seem to think a cell phone is a license to talk, regardless of whom they might bother. They also seem to forget that the rest of us can hear them talk and are judging them.
    Cell phones should be seen and not heard, if your talking on one, go somewhere private and always make sure you read the signs. And if there is a human being standing in front of you, for heaven’s sake, put the phone down and give them a little respect.

  2. Many, many times. I have been stopped from answering call in banks and i just obliged as none of the staff / security guards talk on their mobile phones. So if they themselves observed the ban, i should violate it too. However in government departments it is a totally difference scenario, i may be asked to stop talking on my mobile phone with their lame excuse of discrupting their computer system ( i wasn’t standing near to their PCs ) and later on i could see the very same person who asked me to stop talking was talking on his mobile phones.


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