have u eva had a past life regression done ?

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if so what was it like ?

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Read The New Testament

no, their is not “past life”

Night Fall


Barney R

No, and I have no reason to submit to bu==sh== and fabrication, so why would I?

mo in the middle

As a matter of fact I have. I worked with Dr. Brian Weiss once, and he did a past life regression on me. I know a lot of people believe in these things, but it didn’t work for me.
Perhaps it’s not true, or perhaps I’m brand new. (I tend to believe the first.)


People who believe in reincarnation do this. I’ve never had a past life regression done. I have spoken to numerous people though who have. I am told it involves hypnosis, which to me sends up huge red flags. I’ve seen hypnotists convince a person he was a chicken! If anyone had a past life, would they not remember important stuff like their past names, names of their children and where they lived, without having to be hpynotized and subjected to regression hocus-pocus?


Every 20 years, It is confusing & wonderful. It might even be every 25 years?


That stuff is all fake.

Seattle past life regression

I have had several past life regressions that I wasn’t impressed with, so since I have been a wellness therapist for 30 years, several years ago I created my own method to do past life regression. I grew up remembering other lifetimes since I was a young child. These memories were very vivid.
I know that some people receive positive benefits from just being led back to another life and seeing what happens there. That just didn’t seem like enough for me. I am trained in hypnotherapy and so I decided to create a past life regression method that takes people back to the lifetimes that address whatever issue they are looking to resolve. While they are there, I have them look at what is happening and also at the gifts and talents they have in those lifetimes. I write all those down. Then, people go through that lifetime to the end and look at the beliefs and decisions they leave with…about themselves and life. Then, I take them back into that lifetime and this time, they have a chance to change it, thus leaving at the end with different more supportive beliefs about themselves and life. They keep going to other lifetimes until their subconscious says they are done. Then, I take them to the bardo, the place where you plan this lifetime, and I remind them of all their gifts and talents and new beliefs about life and themselves, take them into the womb and up to NOW, supported by these new beliefs, gifts and talents. I also do healing work on them while they are in these various lifetimes, clearing off energies, etc.
It doesn’t matter to me whether these other lifetimes they see are really real. I do believe in past lives. But it doesn’t really matter whether people are truly seeing past lives or whether they are seeing hereditary memories or what Jung called Collective consciousness. All that matters is that a person’s subconscious has dipped into visions that are representing blocks and limitations they hold, so that they can then remove these blocks and experience more freedom to experience what they are desiring. I have seen profound affects.


First off, Read The New Testament, just because you’re a christian doesn’t make you all knowing. You have a really bad “I know everything” attitude, which is exactly why I despise Christians and religion, go and read a book..other than your bible. Go back to school, as well, you need language classes..apparently you don’t know the difference between “their” and “there”.
Also, on the subject, past life regression..I believe in past lives, although I am a new soul(I have not had a past life). I have tried past life regression before and turned up nothing at all besides a big headache. And you wouldn’t just always know the names of your children or yourself, as these are piled behind several layers of memories you have since birth.
All in all, yes, I do believe in past lives. Have I had one?
If I have, it hasn’t shown.


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