HomeDiscussion ForumHave Parapsychologist found are made any theories on the force from Consciousness?

Have Parapsychologist found are made any theories on the force from Consciousness?

that manipulates matter?
Electromagnetic force, Gravitational force and strong and weak nuclear forces I believe according to what I research and my data comparisons could not be responsible.
Is their some other force?


  1. What is the force that materializes pure energy? Thats most likely the force you are looking for, which I don’t think we have discovered it yet.
    There is testing going on in Europe to find this, which some dub it the “God particle”. The core experiment won’t start until about October or something, which right now they are tweaking and testing their instruments so everything goes smoothly when they do the actual experiment.

  2. There are too many to mention here but basically they are all named something different along cultural lines and areas of study. One scientist with a particular bent will call it one thing and another will call it something else. Aborigines from every continent will have another name for it.
    There is the Cosmic Source, the God Source, the Earth Source, and then the names of every deity that ever flew. Then there are those that draw upon the darkness or the leftover flack from who knows what.
    In other words pick an area of study and you’ll find another source and another name for it.

  3. If you’re really intersted, check out the works of Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake. If psychic dogs are possible, then why not electrokinesis?

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