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Have I been mistaken about psychic powers all this time?

Contained in this are three quotes from one poster, posted in the last 24 hours in this section. Please help me to understand them.
1) (In response to a question about how to tell if you are psychic)Your life starts to loose randomness and gains synchronicity. That is as succinct as I can state it.
Do you know I never hunt for a parking spot? I have driven days and or hundreds of miles and never needed to stop for a red light. When I drive up the road street lights turn on.
-Now, I was under the assumption that psychic powers were more along the line of telepathy or precognition. If psychic powers involve only hitting green lights and getting good parking spots, this is much more scientifically understandable. What do you think of this statement?
2)The next four years will be exciting times for everyone. Those that aren’t psychic or at least spiritual will become second class citizens of the planet, if they survive at all.
-I guess I don’t understand why waiting in traffic at lights makes people second class citizens, or would kill them (many of them are apparently not supposed to survive). Can anyone explain this?
3) (in response to a question about people becoming paranormal)To become paranormal at any time, no as we are all born with a certain amount of the gift. To become aware of being paranormal or to have an awakening, YES!
-If we all are born with this “certain amount of the gift”, who are the un-psychics who are going to become second class citizens or perish? Please explain.
There is also the possibility that this person doesn’t truly believe, and just pretends to, to mock people who really do (a troll). In this case, I think we would have to come up with something along the lines of Poe’s Law, but to involve the paranormal instead of religion. I would ask this person directly, but they don’t allow email.
Nice Guy: You won’t be on the back of the bus. They will need separate buses so psychic people won’t have to wait for the lights.
The person was also stated in many questions on here that the world would be changed today by the release of information about the Georgia bigfoot. That seems to be a scam (DNA evidence didn’t pan out, costume company says it’s their bigfoot costume), but even if it does turn out to be real, the world certainly wasn’t changed today by the press conference. So, if this person is indeed psychic, that would tend to support the not hitting red lights version over the precognitive one.


  1. psi, you’re one of those people who saddens me greatly. Is your life so bad that you need to single people out and peck at them just to make yourself feel better?
    I wish you peace and love my brother. Because you sound like you need it.

  2. That just shows that not everyone who makes a claim is telling the truth -or that they do not have their beliefs ‘together’.
    I believe in 2012 the Earth will want to cleanse itself. This will happen over a long period of time, so much so that we do not have to even worry about it. The cleansing happens by opening others to Life after Death and spirituality, and again, this will happen slowly. The souls vibrations will try to change over time to help us want to care about the world and life so as not to kill it off. When evil souls die instead of reincarnating again they will be blocked off-This again, is going to take hundreds of years to happen. In the meantime we can try to grow spiritually.
    Nobody will be left behind (besides filthy murderers-eventually but maybe not in our time), we all should start to increase in our vibrations. More and more mature souls (souls with a lot of lives lives and lessons already learned) will want to be born again-they call those crystal and indigos.
    but I just call them People who were born psychic.
    but like art everyone can try it.
    Second class citizens? Haha! That’s the least spiritual view I’ve heard all day…

  3. If I understand the entire question.The answer is yes,you’re mistaken I believe the person you’re talking about is honest not legit.He makes a lot of claims(as do you).No offense,but unsupported claims are boasts.They have no value except as topics in a chat room.Scientifically,they’re nothing but contradictory tall tales.
    As questions they are impossible to answer.Not without a way of finding out if they are true or not.Which in many cases would be easy were the claimers/boasters willing to do it.At best skeptics can give alternate explanations or examples of past mistakes.
    I hope to hear from said poster 4 years from now.If this psychic/spiritual revolution doesn’t happen.I wonder what he’ll say.If it does I’ll be riding in the back of the bus of life,admitting my mistakes.If I’m one of the lucky ones that is.

  4. I don’t agree with any of that and I am psychic.
    I think that we are all important. I think that atheists and skeptics are no less important in our world then spiritual people and paranormal beleivers (for lack of a better label).
    I also see synchronicity as being very much different from being psychic. I experience both.
    Sorry about that.
    I experience both but I don’t see them as being the same thing.
    Lastly, I don’t think that we are born with a certain amount of the gift. I think that it is something we all are capable of, some of us just have it more developed than others.
    Some people have ego problems…even people who are psychic.
    As far as ‘un psychics’ being unable to survive in four years…I suppose that has to do with some sort of prophecy regarding 2012 but not one that I have heard of.
    I don’t agree with that either.
    *edit again*
    We all have an important role to play in this Universe. Every kind of person has the capacity to effect another person’s life. Everyone fits into ‘the grand scheme of things’.

  5. Sounds like they’re just making it up as they go. I’m used to religious and spiritual-type people not agreeing with each other about anything, but not agreeing with themselves either is usually a bad sign. That’s why I prefer science. Science works the same for everyone.

  6. The part about normal people being second class citizens (if they survive) sounds like the plot of X Men. Perhaps someone was watching it, fell asleep, and thought they were having prophetic dreams. (I don’t want to say psychic, in case being psychic does involve missing red lights).
    As to the person who said we shouldn’t discuss and question other peoples comments, how else are we going to decide what’s…… I don’t what to say right and wrong, but how about more or less likely?

  7. Believing you are psychic or have special powers usually involves
    the abandonment of critical thinking in favor of remembering only
    those events which support a wishful thinking mentality.
    1) The synchronicity tends to be post hoc, rather than predictive. If you
    make a bunch of predictions, rate their likelyhood based on chance, and
    then keep track of the misses as well as the hits, then there is a good
    chance that you are wrong a lot. If you don’t count the misses, or pick
    things, such as periodic phenomena that you might unconsciously
    then yes, you might start believing that things are going your way.
    One side of this is good. A positive mental attitude is better to have
    than a negative one. However if you are charting things like parking
    spaces and red lights, then you are being absured. How well does
    the sucker do on picking the winning lottery ticket? Not so
    synchronistic there, eh?
    2) The next 4 years in any time are interesting. If you have been
    living in a fog for the past 20 years, and only now have become
    aware of world events it could be a rude awakening. Better go back
    to counting traffic lights.
    3) Yep, step right up, and buy some “Instant Psychic”. It slices, it
    dices, and no tiring exercises or hard mental strain
    like our competitor “Practical Living through Hard Work and
    Self Improvement”. No siree-bob, just sit back in that easy chair,
    slather on some “Instant Psychic” and watch the paranormal
    unfold before you. You will be a true Seer, beer in one hand,
    remote in the other, you will have the vision.
    Disclaimer: Dewy, Cheatham, and Howe industries not responsible
    for product failure, for entertainment purposes only.

  8. The easiest way I can explain this is to think of it as having learned to swim without realizing it. At first you fight and flail, then once it becomes more natural, you start to react instinctively. You might not realize a “moment” where you become able to swim. You simply start doing it.

  9. That person has lost his grip on reality (IMHO) so maybe it is unfair to single him out.
    I don’t think he is a troll because he also belongs to wacky forums which believe in the impossible.

  10. Before I read this question ..and the answers..I was thinking of a verse from the Bible . Can’t remember the exact quote and it’s taken out of context. It’s about people being “thrown into the street”. This question etc. just reminded me of it. I know the Bible isn’t allowed on here..but think of it as coming from a history book. I’ll see if I can find it on here. It probably doesn’t apply to this… but it might.


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