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Have I achieved spiritual enlightenment? My girlfriend of two years left me at the weekend and…….?

I didn’t feel any pain……………
I loved her and cared for her completely and probably would have spent the rest of my life with her if that is what my consciousness had told me to do.
But she left me so that is not what the present moment required. I completely accepted her decision and moved quickly forward into the present moment and she is now just a pleasent memory trace in my mind although I still do have love and care for her and would be there if she needed me but there is no pain – only peace and acceptance.
I believe I have ceased all ego attachement. I will enjoy people, situations, places, etc………….while they last.
Have I achieved spiritual enlightment?
If this had happened 4-5 years ago I would have probably been unable to function for weeks, maybe months and probably been suicidal for a while and would have been unable to let go. Now, after 2 days I have completely let go.
Rackinguppoints – You have a good point there. I seriously hope you are not right. In the past though the pain came instantly.


  1. I think you handled it every well. You know if you love her you had to let her go live her own life and if she’s happy then you’re happy. You may have achieved spiritual enlightenment but meditate and pray about it so you know for sure.

  2. I don’t think that you really love her. Calm down, am not trying to insult u. But really, spiritual enlightenment can only happen when u don’t really love anyone. Because even the highest person, which is God, feels pain when he sees us humans do wrong, because he loves us. If even he feels hurt when people are mean and evil, the perfect one, how can we humans not hurt when someone we love leaves us? That is just utter nonsense.

  3. You could be in shock and denial and the ‘bereavement’ will come later because that is what it is a bereavement of what you have lost. There are many stages one goes through and the first one is shock where you just feel nothing.
    I won’t deny though that you could have reached enlightenment. When a traumatic event occurs often the psychic side of ourselves kicks in. It could be that your soul has recognised that this relationship was not the right one for you, that you were not on your true spiritual path. Hope you continue as you are and eventually find the right path for you. Bless x

  4. I think there is more to it than that.
    Maybe these days you are more accepting.
    In Tibetan Buddhism, we often talk of :
    and Indifference.
    All three are problematical.
    Non-attacmment is not the same as Detachment/indifference.
    It isn’t about feeling good or bad or whatever. It as about staying present with whatever ‘is’. Without hanging onto it, pushing it away or pretending it is not there.

  5. i’m very sorry you’ve been through this upsetting time.it sounds like you are very detached and have the kind of serenity some folk in churches would give a leg for.
    kind regards,all the very best

  6. There are varying degrees of enlightenment, since it is progressive. If you understand the underlying reasons behind many things, then you will not feel distress over much of anything.
    There are different aspects of the ego, the ego isn’t a single crystal it is a crystal that has been scattered, it is fragmentation or a legion. Each fragment is enticed by some external stimuli. There is more to “ego” many know of, but I am a gnostic, so the objective with “ego” is different.
    I am not attached to anything, but I have fasted away from the world for quite a bit of time. Peace.

  7. Enlightened people feel pain…they are human and have every emotion…anger, frustration, sadness, happiness, lust, etc.
    The big difference is this…they don’t think things to death! They see the mind wanting to ‘play’ with an emotion (much like a cat will play with a bug) and they stop it. It is possible to not attend to thoughts…not feed them more fuel/thoughts. They will fade away if you douse them often enough.
    The “achieving enlightenment” thing is way overblown and quite unfair. It has become another acquisition of sorts…like the latest new car! Looking at it like, you don’t have it, but will deny feelings, etc. to “get it” leads to some kind of craziness.
    Feel your feelings! Watch a child…they are so close to their own simplicity! A 2-3 year old cries when he/she is hungry, laughs the next minute, gets frustrated, hurt, excited angry…all of it. They don’t analyze their actions to death.
    Spontaneity of a child is fresh…not acted out…not pretend…it’s real…they’re real!
    I guess if you are natural, simple and not manipulating your psyche/emotions…just maybe you have found the big “E”. 😉

  8. I’m afraid you might be in shock. Physical trauma can have this effect, so why not emotional trauma? It’s the brain’s way of protecting itself against the enormity of the situation.
    Having said that, I really hope I’m wrong and you have achieved enlightenment. How did you do it?


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