Have Democrats squandered the awesome opportunity gifted by Bush's awesome ineptness?

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I am an avid Obama supporter, but I care more about this country than I do about whether we have our first black president or the first female one (yes, I am both black and female). If McCain wins, then the blame must be laid at the feet of both Obama and Clinton. President Clinton, as the elder statesman in this gang and perhaps the greatest politician since Ronald Regan, has some responsibility, too. One thing that an old-school politician like Bill should have known is that black votes for Obama in the primaries equaled Clinton votes in the general if she were the nominee. Thus, the need for ‘race politics’ was totally uncalled for. (If you feel that Obama & not Bill, started the whole race-baiting issue, we can have a separate discussion) Second, the cardinal rule of elections strategy is to win the election you’re in at the moment. Clinton ran her campaign as if she were already in the GE, she gifted the nomination to Obama by totally ignoring the caucuses and “little” states or should I say states with “little electoral power”. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that a little known, johnny come lately, “black every day in his life in America” junior senator outplayed two masters of the game. As for Obama…appointing Wright as the campaign’s spiritual guide. Was he really serious? I do not think that Obama shares all of Wright’s views and I, myself, do not disagree with all of said views. Wright was a case of ‘political expediency’ coming back to bite him in the ‘arse’. Although the Republicans have gotten great mileage out of the Rezco/Ayers ‘guilt by association’ tactic, it is not as significant as Obama’s ignoring the cardinal rule of party politics…PUT YOUR BEST PLAYERS ON THE FIELD! Biden over Clinton…wtf? This is not the time for ego-tripping. For every one Republican voter going to the polls during the primaries, there were nearly three Democratic voters doing the same. Simple math, simple politics. I am starting to wonder if either of them have a good grasp of the concepts or if their egos were just bigger than the “big picture” aka as our future.
Same G…it is putting the cart before the horse, but I think we should examine this for the reasons that Bryan puts forth. What does the in-fighting and ego-tripping at the top spell for the rest of the ticket? Democrats received the go ahead from the American people to start taking names and handing out some well-deserved kicks to the rear. Yet, what has the Congress done? What has the Clinton/Obama squabble garnered? What plans do we have to right the ship over the course of the next 10 weeks?

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Yes. They have.
They pushed too far to the left.

damond h

If McCain wins… Then everyone in America wins.


No, Obama / Biden

Same G

I think there’s enough blame to go around for both campaigns, but you’re putting the cart before the horse.
We haven’t had a single debate, and we are 10 weeks from election day. There’s a lot of hostility and hope going around from both sides, so we have to VOTE FIRST and assess damage later.
Take it easy, sis.

Jim P

That’s just too long to read. What exactly is your question? Oh, squandered. Yes, absolutely.
The Democrats need to collect a set of concrete facts that emotional shows that McCain is the worst thing since anchovies.
I would do this by bringing up things like:
1) Kidnapping children
2) Torture
3) Spying on Americans
4) The bald cancer victem stuff
5) The unemployed auto worker in Detroit
In other words, be absolutely concrete, don’t lie, and show the evil bastards for what they are. The Michelle Obama speech was good fot 10 minutes, but let’s get real.


It’s sure looking that way


I disagree with your execution and characterizations, but not your concept. People were very unhappy with the Republicans. Rightfully so in many cases. Seeing this the Democrats were able to capitalize on voter discontentment in the last mid-term. Rather than embracing the opportunity and acting in the best interests of the people. The Democratic Congress did very little that was positive and blamed their inactivity on the Republicans (i.e. stone walling, veto power etc). This is not why the people elected them. The result was an even lower approval rating than that of the republican president and a well deserved “do nothing” moniker. This situation has created not only potential problems for the Obama candidacy, but also sets the stage for possible changes in Congressional leadership.


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