Have any of you here heard about ZEN? Is it a method of meditation or…?

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I bought a small book called Zen in the modern society.
It tells you how to meditate.
Is Zen the result we’ll get if we practise the step by step of it ,or is it the step it self ?
Is it a Japanese or Chinese or Tibetan meditation way. Who can help pls. Tx
I am not that young in the sixtiest I was in my teens, but I bought this book by “coincidence” . I like to live in it, it sounds great. Well……I have to drink the water myself when I am thirsty I suppose. Your answers are really great. Thanks for the webs terebes.hu. Bismillah ……I’ll try …

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Vicarious Cynic

A MASTER who lived as a hermit on a mountain was asked by a monk, “What is the Way?”
“What a fine mountain this is,” the master said in reply.
“I am not asking you about the mountain, but about the Way.”
“So long as you cannot go beyond the mountain, my son, you cannot reach the Way,” replied the master.
*edit* little dancing fox’s link ‘do not zzz’ is very fun, and very informational. Cut and paste it, then slap the fly.

John B

Wow! you must be VERY young.
Zen was really big back in the 60’s. But then again I wouldn’t remember, but I was there…..I think…… Still, I had a great time…I think….
Aah! reliving our youth, are we young master.


Zen is the Japanese word for meditation. The term zen originated with Buddhism in India.
Zen can be practiced by anyone, no matter religion, creed, nationality or age. Although zen defies defining … it is that practice of living in the here and now.
Zen is not about results, it is about living in the present moment perfectly, even if the actions in the moment are not what we imagine perfection should be. Which is something we can do until we die, because it is the only time we really have is now. It is a very simple idea that is almost impossible to do for very long.
sly fox
“what is the sound of one hand clapping” a zen saying


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