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Have all psychiatrists ceased to practice psychoanalysis?

Whom would you call if you wanted psychoanalysis? In the US they have changed in the last 20 years. They only allow 15 mins or less and cannot help you unless you need pills or hospitalization. If you don’t need one of their pills (depression, anxiety etc.). They do not talk about the details of the disorder. And all the pills have bad side effects. Why didn’t they announce this huge change? I finally figured it out and a little late doing so. In addition, internist and family doctors give the same prescriptions for depression, anxiety and such. What is the need for psychiatrists at all except if they work at mental hospitals. Come to think of it, i think they need a new title. It is very misleading to keep that misleading title. They do not try to exam and treat the psychic. They only serve a good purpose specializing in handling hospitalized patients who are confined in an institution. It seems the only difference in the gp and the “psychiatrist” is the patients they choose to treat


  1. Psychiatrists are able to prescribe medication. Psychologists aren’t. If you’re looking for somebody who’s going to actually sit down with you and listen to you for an hour, you need to look into a psychologist. I had a very good one. Always do thorough research and ask questions. You’re not going to get in trouble for asking them to be more clear on their practices and how they go about treating their patients.

  2. Hi… i can relate to your agnony over psychiatrists. Every one i’ve ever been to was a little “nutty” in his own way… believe me.
    It is no longer their “job” to give much therapy… that is the purpose of a therapist/counselor.
    I have had a few very good therapists, …. and i appreciate the direction and coping skills they helped me to develop.
    It takes a lot of EFFORT and WORK to recover from our illnes, or to find a way to make our lives more manageable. So, a few sessions in therapy, don’t usually do much good — it’s a continuing process.
    On medications — yes, many have adverse side-effects. With some of the drugs, the side-effects will subside after a period of time… but some do make us tired, dry mouth, and other symptoms. Sometimes we have to alter doseages or switch medications to find what works for us.. i have had this experience, also.
    There is also a lot of SELF-HELP on the internet. You can do a Yahoo search on any illness, add the words Self Help after it, and you may get some good information and advice.
    I hope things improve for you. take care.

  3. No, but psychoanalysis is not considered a good way of treatment by most in the psychiatric field. Look up “psychiatry/psychoanalysis” in Yahoo1 web search for links with more details about the availability of psychoanalysts. Also try http://www.apa.org for psychologists. A good book describing the dichotomy in the psychiatric world between those who believe in “talk therapy” and those who believe in the new medications to treat the mentally ill read:
    T. M. Luhrman; “Of Two Minds; the growing disorder in American Psychiatry”; Alfred A. Knopf, N.Y. NY, 2000
    The difficulty is that the science fields don’t understand much about the human brain. read:
    John Horgan: “The Undiscovered Mind; how the human brain defies replication, medication and explanation.”; The Free Press, N.Y. NY, 1999
    Pills have their place but they are no magic, silver, bullet; mental illness still requires much verbal psychotherapy and TLC on the part of those treating the ill and willing participation in wanting to find answers on the part of the patients.
    Good luck, good mental health, peace and love!


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