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Hasn't BCCI taught CA a lesson after they bullied New Zealand into supporting Howard's nomination?

New Zealand had the right man to be the CEO of ICC, John Anderson.
I have discussed with some of the Aussie friends on other crickert forums and they agree that Cricket Australia bullied them into supporting John Howard’s nomination. It’s quite clear.
NZ is a weak country and got bullied by their stronger neighbour on this matter.
And its just Cricket Australia’s Karma that the same thing happened to them from the even stronger BCCI.I have no doubt what so ever that if the name of the NZ guy wa sput forward for the job, there would not have been any problem and he would have easily become the CEO of ICC.
Had BCCI supported Howard, he would have got the job too. But i feel its very good on BCCI’s part that they taught CA a good lesson here.
If you’re gonna take advantage of NZ’s weak position, don’t you think we’ll let you have your way.
Well done BCCI, love you for that !
Most embarrassing moment ever for CA in history of cricket’s governance, i hope they will get better now and treat NZ the way they deserve


  1. The BCCI are basically made up of money hungry criminals so any so called lessons are not held in high regards. I would liken it to dealing with the mafia.

  2. yeah thats good to reject howards nomination because he is an white policy racist.
    but don’t support BCCI they have millions of money and corrupt members of all sitting in BCCI.
    we don’t have nice infrastructure stadium even BCCI is the richest board in cricket.

  3. CA bullied not only New zealand, but they also tried to bully Zimbabwe. They told the Zimbabwe Cricket board that if they do not support Howard’s bid they would not host the bilateral A-series next year that would help the Zimbabwe to re enter to test cricket.
    But after this open swaggering, Zimbabwe remained silent and officially never stated anything against Howard’s nomination. I think, it is about time for CA to realise that they cannot achieve anything by aggression and bullying. The Asian Cricket boards and the CSA had delivered a huge blow on CA’s over-sized head.

  4. I do not believe Australia bullied anybody Mayur – I do not think you spoke with any Aussie friends either – I am certain you don’t have any Aussie friends. Though there may be “sibling” rivalry between NZ and Australia – that is all it is – Australians still like to see the New Zealand teams do well in any sport. When it comes to the crunch – they support each other like the ANZACS.
    By the way Mahesh, Howard did not support any white policy in Australia – that went out in the 1960’s. As a matter of fact it was Howard who opened the doors to the Ugandans and Somalians into Australia – and saw them well settled too.
    Get your facts straight before you put pen to paper – if anyone is a racist it is you.


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