Home Discussion Forum has u ever felt such negative energy off of someone that it...

has u ever felt such negative energy off of someone that it made u feel light headed?


  1. Only a couple of times in my life have I ever felt that.
    Emotional vampires are nasty creatures, and should be avoided like the plague.

  2. It’s not so much “negative energy” as it is *intense* energy, and yes, I have.
    Sometimes, these sorts of people can be a real kick to be around, but…eventually you do have to look out for yourself, and not get eaten alive by the other person’s drama, bipolar, or whatnot.
    I know, easier said than done, but yeah.

  3. Yep I once stayed with my friend and her (now ex-)husband for a couple of weeks.He was always fighting with everybody (my friend,his family,his friends and co-workers).That home had such a negative energy it seemed like the walls were closing in on you.You could feel the pressure releasing off you as you walked out the door.Thank God she’s no longer with him!

  4. Fear is a energy to be respected.
    It can feed your flame, or it will brake you in half with out a apology in the blink of a eye.
    We all make are own way in life, back away now or learn a new tolerance of your inner beast.
    but do not compromise you final decision.
    We walk with our selves in the end, not with others.


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