Has the Sangha become too corrupted since the the Gautama Buddha's parinibbana?






It seems as though only the Theravada school is the only surviving school that stays true to the Buddha’s teachings.
Other schools seem way too attached to rites and rituals especially in China where they practice a lot of Taoism and Chinese ancestor veneration. Monks in many Mahayana other schools also are doing things that would have been forbidden such as handling money.
I know this international student from Japan who said her father is a monk. Apparently, in some Mahayana schools, they are allowed to get married and have children. The Buddha would not have permitted this in the Sangha.
My question is, has the Sangha (minus Theravada Sangha) become too corrupted since the Buddha’s parinirvana or are the Mahayana schools mostly heretical and should not be regarded as true Buddhism? Perhaps it is time for the Theravada to try and actively bring back the people who have been deceived by the false Dhamma back to the true teachings?
The Gautama Buddha said that the Maitreya Buddha will come at a time when the Dhamma is completely forgotten or no longer meaningful communicated. Perhaps the Theravada is the last bastion of Buddhism? And if Theravada were to end, true Buddhism will come to an end?


  1. corruption happened even during the time of the Buddha was still living. Some monks were so stubborn that even the Buddha couldn’t solve their problem and had to abandon them. And consequently Vinaya – the moral code for monks – was gradually growing up. The actual cause of the problem is all sorts of people come into monkshood (Sangha) and many have no intention to live like real monks. When it comes to the culture in most Buddhist countries, people want their sons becoming monks for a while and that indeed another problem I think.
    But among many different stones, there are gems. When you see such gemstones, you better understand that you’re indeed seeing the gemstones.
    the Buddha said His Sasana (Buddhism) would last 5000 years. Now it’s over 2500 years old. So it’s the middle age now.
    Maitreya Buddha will come in the next eon after a few asamkheyyas. one asamkhyeya is 1×10^140. but a different source says 1×10^59

  2. All institutions become corrupted. This is the nature of the un-enlightened human being. And this includes anything that un-enlightened humans do, including Theravadan Buddhism.
    Until we reach enlightenment, we are all flawed. All teachings of Buddhism will get you to enlightenment eventually. Spend 10 years practicing any of the schools, and you will find this to be so. All schools are true schools, to be extent that our samsaric focus will allow it.

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