Has the Mystery called you out into the openness, expanding your consciousness till the Universe sings for you?






  1. several years ago i lived in a beautiful house that had a park in the back of it and a little stream that had running water in it in the spring. the sound of the peepers (frogs) was wonderful to listen to and a remarkable mystery to me.
    how could they all sing so beautifully… and in tune! πŸ™‚
    (however, i never thought that they were singing for me… i was simply blessed with two ears with which to hear them… i always felt that they were/are singing praises to our Creator… and what a beatuful song it was/is.)
    i love frogs. ribbit ribbit…

  2. The Mystery has called me out into the openness and has expanded my consciousness but, I find myself in a battle, to win the souls of mankind, for Christ.

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