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Has science revealed that maybe some people can see auras?



  1. No. The light emitted is far too dim for any human to see.
    Every controlled attempt to demonstrate the existence of auras has shown that the people claiming to see them were lying.

  2. No. There was a question on this yesterday. They had to use extremely sensitive detectors to pick up these few photons – the human eye is not nearly this sensitive. This is not something our eyes could EVER see.

  3. No, the article was quite clear that the intensity of light was 1000X too faint for human vision to detect. Auras remain the stuff of myth and faith belief.

  4. I don’t know about science but I believe that it is possible to see them.
    I also know that there are special cameras out there that can detect different colored auras around people because a friend of mine had it done. It was cool and I seen som eother peoples pictures that were done at the same time and their colors were different.

  5. believe it or not there are some people that actually can. but they don’t usually see the “colors” it is usually a gray haze like the silver lining of a cloud.

  6. No, it hasn’t. The evidence presented does nothing to suggest humans have auras. It is troubling how some people who believe in “auras” are trying to turn their misunderstanding of basic science into “evidence” for “auras”. It doesn’t help to further damage your credibility with wishful thinking like this; these recent findings have nothing to do with auras. It takes very specialized, super-sensitive cameras to detect the very weak light humans produce. Humans cannot see this with their own naked eyes.
    Why not claim that infrared goggles can see “auras” when looking at people(or animals)? Or is that just body heat that infrared goggles are seeing? If you’ve ever done this before or seen it demonstrated, you’ll know what I mean. How about I claim it is evidence for auras? Would that be scientific or ridiculous?
    If body heat can just be body heat, why can’t light just be light?

  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biophoton introduces some of the scientists who’ve studied biophotonics (Drs. Chang of PRC and Popp of Germany, among others in Japan and Italy).
    http://www.divinecosmos.com gives some relevant Russian research.
    “Studies of the Human Aura,” Kuthumi, is written from a more faith-based perspective, and is excellent for that.
    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com
    p.s. The ruling in or out of human sensitivity is something most experts wisely and undogmatically don’t do. For example, a medical doctor in the U.S. has consistently demonstrated his ability/sensitivity to discerning the classical composer recorded on double-masked vinyl discs handed to him–the particular sensitivity he’s developed is the ability to discern, via fingertips, the style of grooves and indentations on vinyl discs (lp records).

  8. Science isn’t there yet. Auras are definitely real. This is something I am absolutely, positively 100% sure of. I have seen auras and they are unmistakable. They are distinct, pulsating, vivid, electric, and almost neon in color intensity. They surround the body and pulsate around it in a moving stream. Each aura has an intensely bright color, so bright it seems it should hurt the eyes but doesn’t. I don’t believe psychic ability is required to see an aura or that auras are anything mysterious. I believe our eyes simply block them from view – we see them but aren’t conscious of them. Auras can be seen at the deepest level of relaxation and wellbeing.
    Look at all the people who would have said bacteria didn’t exist before the microscope was invented. Science will catch up to reality eventually. Give it a little more time.

  9. Without directly answering the question I would state that I personally believe it to be possible for a person to persuade themselves to think and believe that they are able to see aura.
    I also believe people being able to persuade themselves to believe that they are seeing ghosts, spirits, demons, angels and aliens.
    Im not talking about weather or not these things actually exist.
    But I believe the mind of man to be strong enough to create these figures or illusions so that a person would actually see them as if they were actually there.
    Now maybe the named things above exist and lets just assume that they do. – And I will still believe that a significant amount of people are simply playing mind tricks on themselves and falling for it.
    I believe its called delusion.
    Once again I do not claimb nor disclaimb the existance of any of it.
    But I do claimb that the existance of delution is a very real part of many peoples lives in one form or another.

  10. Scientific beginnings of it:
    Look for Edwin Babbit, a physician of the 1860’s who wrote a book on the topic that the US government utilized during the War.
    Title of the book “Principles of Light and Color” It was reprinted around 1960 and again ~2004
    Just google. There is tons of research out there by real scientists. Check out Kirlian Photography
    Kirlian Photograpy
    Article: CHIROPRACTIC AND KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY– VIEWING THE BODY’S ENERGY FLOW ” … showed pre-acupuncture and post-acupuncture effects with Kirlian photography. …www.cebunet.com/kirlian

  11. Yes, science has revealed that some people can see auras. People who have a visual system disorder, retinal fatigue, brain disorder, a certain form of epilepsy or suffer from migraines. Auras are in the eyes of the beholder, and are not physically related to the object they are looking at.


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