Home Discussion Forum Has parapsychology ever answered any question?

Has parapsychology ever answered any question?

PSI,you’re very welcome,I enjoy answers from everyone.I’m hoping for some new answers not the same old ones.


  1. Numerous ones.
    Here is a link to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page of the Parapsychological Association.
    Thanks for the question. I’m sure people will appreciate the opportunity to have some of their questions about parapsychology answered.

  2. I’m sure its answered a lot…to its own satisfaction. Unfortunately, since the preaching never seems to get past the choir we don’t see the results here in the world outside the church.

  3. How to defeat a dark elf illusionist without wasting a dragon rune.
    Seriously, physics got us to the moon, etc., medicine is curing diseases and extending life, what has parapsychology done? That is the difference between science and pseudoscience. Good question.

  4. We really haven’t had many parapsychologists on here…and I don’t read the magazines by them. I’ve never even seen one. I guess you’d have to be in the business to know where to find one. I’d like to see a site on here that we could go to and get real answers from real parapsychologists. However…I’ve learned a lot on here from reading other people’s experiences. It’s different from reading articles about experiences. The people on here seem more real…and sincere.(most of them anyway).

  5. Hard to beat how Peter answered the question but I’ll add my $0.02 anyway. It again comes down to who you ask. If you ask those already predisposed to believing in parasychological phenomena, the answer is a resounding yes. They tend to believe that PK and ESP have been scientifically established. To other scientists who have studied up on parapsychological research you’re likely to get a different answer.
    To the extent that parapsychologists wander into psychology itself they might provide some answers relating belief in the paranormal to other factors. From reading some of their research it is clear they’ve identified correlations between subjective paranormal experiences and other psychological and/or environmental factors. However, concerning the key questions of parapsychology — has ESP, PK, etc., been established as real, testable and measurable phenomena, and has a testable mechanism been proposed for their existence — there seems to be little progress at all.


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