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Has modern astrology become so ego-centric that it has lost it's spiritual purpose?

Please consider this quote:
“…there’s also a level of astrology that too ego-centered, and that’s disturbing to me. When people are identified with their egos and think that they have powerful knowledge, it’s easy to become inflated…We have to remain conscious that the best we can do is let the light shine through us, not claim to be the light. In other worlds, astrology has a spiritual purpose and dimension, and we demean it by using it for horse racing and too much prediction.”
From Alice O. Howell, interview in TMA, Dec 09.
++Has modern astrology lost it’s spiritual dimension?
++Is it demeaning to the power of astrology to use if for mundane or self-serving predictions?
++Is it a good thing that astrology is considered more as a tool and not as a pathway to spiritual enlightenment?
(A short biography of Alice O. Howell: http://www.amazon.com/Alice-O.-Howell/e/B001JSAG74)
Hi, Aspicco. Yes, I’m sure you do.
That’s kind of the point.
IS it really a “psuedo-science” at all?
Or a spiritual path?
Or a tool that can be used for either of those?
Or something else?


  1. I think for the majority of people who have any fingers in astrology, it’s purely “ego-centric.”
    But what I’m conflicted about is that you ask if astrology is now just for “self-serving predictions” and then you mention “a pathway to spiritual enlightenment” near the end. To me, spiritual enlightenment is all about self-serving and to be enlightened, you have to predict for yourself if you’re enlightened or not. But this is just how i see it. I don’t believe in enlightenment, or the spiritual purposes of astrology. It is a pseudo-science, ya know?

  2. I agree that there is a ‘level’ of astrology that is too ego-centered. When people get their hands on anything, be it spiritual or not, we cannot help but internalise it and have it feed our ego on some level. It is seemingly natural for humans to do so, even if it is disturbing in the light of the possible degradation or loss of spiritual concepts.
    1. I think modern astrology has not lost its spiritual dimension overall, though as said in the quote you provided, on some level yes. Popular astrology does seem to be very ego-centered. Even some people who get into astrology further than the surface seem to forget about the spiritual dimension of astrology, and are thinking most about themselves. However, I think astrology is not so much losing its spiritual dimension because of these people, but because of the incessant badgerings of scientists. I think it’s important that science and spirituality understand eachother, but I do not think that one should succumb to the whims of the other. I feel that sometimes astrologers try too hard to make astrology more scientific than it currently is able to be understood. One day, perhaps, but not right now.
    I also think it’s relevant to mention that astrology has been used for predictive and ‘selfish’ purposes for a VERY long time. For hundreds, even thousands of years, records show people using astrology for predictions and self-serving. For instance, Kings and Queens used astrology to stay in power and weed out their enemies, as did anyone with money. If anything, people probably use astrology less in this way now than they used to due to it’s credibility being questioned. It’s the questioning of credibility that I find most distressing, because it would be a shame to lose all that wisdom just because of the fleeting appearance of something known as the scientific method.
    2. I don’t think it is necessarily demeaning to the power of astrology to use it for self-serving purposes. We are ego-based life forms.. we are naturally self-serving to some degree. Some more than others, but still, it is just in our nature. If we are influenced by these higher concepts and spirituality, I don’t think it is ‘bad’ of us to focus so much on ourselves and on what spirituality can do for us. We can still respect astrology and the Gods while interpreting them into our own egos. The only way I see the use of astrology for mundane/self-serving predictions becoming too much of a problem would be if EVERYONE did this and we as a species eventually forget entirely about spirituality and what it means beyond our own ego (i.e. we “claim to be the light”). Even then, we’d only really be hurting ourselves. The energies around us won’t change, we would – we’d probably just lose touch with them and in the end our self-serving predictions would probably not work at all.
    3. I really don’t know if it is good that astrology is considered more as a tool, honestly I’m just glad it’s considered at all.
    Good question! Where else can I ramble about my opinions while reading the ramblings of others?

  3. Going back to its Latin root, scientia, meaning “knowledge” is where we get our word for science. To deem astrology as a deception of knowledge is to claim that the definition of knowledge does not differ between personal perspective. That’s okay; perhaps the gift of objectivity was just not in your stars. If you refuse to believe, at the very least, that gravity of our planet as well as others do not affect us, then I advise you to promptly jump off a cliff and see what happens.

  4. No, I don’t think modern Astrology has lost its spiritual purpose, but I do think some who have acquired advanced knowledge in this subject do misuse it for their own ego-centered purposes. I am hope that I am not one of them.

  5. I definitely think there is always a spiritual basis of astrology because of wisdom. If one is able to accept that maybe something else is guiding (not controlling) their path on earth, that is a step towards enlightenment. Being open minded and giving to others for other reasons than benefitting the self requires a certain spirituality in my opinion.


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