Has anyone who has been through Reiki training experienced seeing ghosts/spirits/gremlin type people?

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My Reiki master warned me this could happen ~ though just experienced it for the first time last night.
I was told that I would be more open to ‘seeing’ things I may not normally. I wasn’t asleep when this happened. It did spook me at the time…..my training was done months ago and have never experienced anything previously. My Reiki master seems to be very psychic and sees spirits regularly

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Lisa J

No. I am a Reiki Master and I never warn anyone about this phenomenon because it just is not related to Reiki. I suggest that your experience was directly related to the “warning” you received.
Reiki does not cause such dreams.
All the best with your Reiki training! It’s a wonderful method! Be grateful!

Andi C

I have no idea why your reiki master would say such things! Such experience has nothing to do with reiki practise.


I think the only thing Reiki and spirit visions have in common is they’re both mostly popular among people who aren’t big on logic and evidence. But I don’t think one causes the other.


Not a personal experience, and there may be multiple factors contributing to this, but my friend started “seeing” rather than just “sensing” after her attunements. However, she is narcoleptic and is on some pretty heavy-duty medication.
I personally believe that what she sees is genuine and I’m a pretty skeptic person because without being informed previously, we drove through the area where I had my first and only paranormal experience (I hit a man who wasn’t there in my car, so cliche) and she got the chills . When I asked her about it said not to make fun of her, and that there was a man standing on the side of the road who shouldn’t be there (and could we please GTFO of here). So take it as you will, and I’m no expert, but I think it’s entirely possible if you’re already sensitive.


I have heard of this before but it was somebody who wanted to see after having attunement and once she started to see she wish that she hadn’t asked. But i myself would love to be attuned to Reiki because i have been told that i have natural healing abilities? but i am very sensitive and i am worried about what experiences i would have.


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