Home Discussion Forum Has anyone walked through a concrete wall , building, or door?

Has anyone walked through a concrete wall , building, or door?

I have found a way by fasting for 40 days, making my own subliminal tapes, with ancient sacred geometry discovered musical notes, and heating gold to white powder and ingesting it, and changing the nuerons in my brain by staying awake for 40 days and repeating mantras of subliminal backwards messages to myself with hemi sync self made tapes, and being able to transport myself in space and time. I have visited the akashic records ” hall” I know the secrets to the universe and have reveresed my DNA to change and cannot die, I have no fear, I cannot fear or be hurt or die, I can turn invisable, this is a serious question, is there anyone else out there that has experimented and that can do this?


  1. Wow, for doing all these amazing things, I would think you’d be able to spell “neurons”, “reversed”, and “invisible” correctly…

  2. I can honestly say I’ve never tried any of these things!
    I can honestly say I have no desire to either!
    Love your creativity though!
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. I have done this through sheer awsome. My 1337 hax0r skillz allow me to bend the rules of the matrix and I have bathed in pure fire. The elements bow in submission to my skills. I am level 99. I killed death and then had to resurect it again just for a bit of EXP. I AM Jesus Christ. Fear me n00bz!!!
    Seriously, mate, you need to get some more sleep, relax a bit, and stop doing drugs if you’re into that. Eat! It really helps. And get a girlfriend/boyfriend. Believe me, you will be confused enough so that you will forget all this weird stuff.
    all your hAx r belong 2 us.

  4. I think that the mind creates reality – so in a sense – these things really can happen if you are able to control the thoughts in your mind. Transcendental Meditation is popular among yogi’s and they have been known to do miraculous things in the physical world (stop heartbeat, stop breath, etc.) that is unexplainable except to say that the mind creates the reality we all live in. For novices, check out: http://www.catalogs.com/info/spirituality/transcendental-meditation.html for a basic understanding. Not happened to me, sadly – I’m too distracted by worldly things and connections to this earth. Good luck on your journeys – be safe an sound.

  5. Well Staying awake for 40 days will do that to you. Every-time. It,s called Dreaming, or in your case Hallucinating.,,,Now I feel like singing, ..I like Dreaming..Cause Dreaming, can make you mine….I Like Dreaming,…Even if it,s in my Mind !


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