Home Discussion Forum Has anyone used a ouija board that caused unexplained things to happen?

Has anyone used a ouija board that caused unexplained things to happen?

I just can’t figure out. I know people disregard testimonies that claim using a ouija board causes unexplained events. Is anyone in the yahoo community saw something that really made them think there must be something else out there. I’m real tired of science saying:
We know everything. Life evolved by chance. Miracles are impossible.
What have people in the yahoo community seen, that blows them away, and leaves them speechless?


  1. I remember when I was about ten or twelve, my bro brought a Ouija Board home and it got really windy and loud outside. My dad got mad and told him to throw it away.

  2. Yes, that damn indicator moved. It was a shock–we thought the whole thing was just bs.
    It didn’t move again though, because we threw the board screamed and ran.

  3. no never happened, and really anybody that believes that a Ouija board is the devil prolly shouldn’t play monopoly either cause they are both made by the same company….

  4. If you’re tired of science, get off the computer, go live in a cave, and eat berries. I love how people say they’re tired of science, except when they want to use all the things science provides!
    Ouija boards are TOYS. Spirits don’t exist. Grow up.

    • emm excuseme but u can growup spirits doexsist and they r very real i have had experients and the luigi board is very real i will never play it but i will always now how much evilit can bring so stop thinking ur rite ur not im sorry noo !!!!

  5. a friend had one and used it at a party… i refused cuz there bad, as everyone elese left we kept hearing things…. then we heard footsteps going to her door then it slams open with a gust of stale air… i believe evil came of that board…. we never heard anything like those sounds before….

  6. I haven’t personally experienced anything with the ouija board but that’s because I’ve never tried it, I’m a coward when it comes to dark things like that. But there are people I know who claim to have had freaky experiences when using it. I’m not sure if I believe but I guess I sort of do, a little bit since I refuse to try it. I do believe there is something more to this life than our presence though. Sorry i can’t give any juicy stories about it but as far as those I’ve heard, whether they are true or false it’s creepy enough that I take it as a warning and don’t mess with it.

  7. ouija boards are really dangerous. i used them a few times in my life in the past out of ignorance. you don’t know what you will get with these things. it’ opens a port hole which allows both good spirits and bad to come in. once these port holes are open it’s hard to close them again. so be careful. as far as other strange things. well, i think that those shows that say some peoples homes are haunted and how scary that is are strange lol. when i actuality every ones home is haunted. you get loved ones spirits visiting you all the time. i’m catholic and find that when i pray to the saints is what attracts them the most to my home or when i sprinkle holy water to get rid of negativity.

  8. I’m 13 and yeah I have used one and lots of stuff has happened. I am in touch with the spirit world and see ghosts every day. WHen I played with my friend we were on our way to a school trip the spirits told us where they were… they said to us that they were in our hotel we were staying at and they explained the hotel we hadn’t seen exactly as it was. We played once we got there and they said meet us by the bridge. The closer we got to the bridge the heavier the rain became the bridge started to move (it was trying to kill us). We were so scared, luckily someone found us. And everything was ok dont use one though they stay on your concious forever if sumin happens.


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