Home Discussion Forum Has anyone tried to stop smoking using hypnosis?

Has anyone tried to stop smoking using hypnosis?

I am considering ordering Steve Ira Present’s stop smoking hypnosis cd’s and wanted to know if anyone has ever tried them and if they worked.


  1. Well I’ve never tried hypnosis for anything, but I suggest you try and get to a professional instead of using the cds. I mean, messing with your subconscious mind is very tricky and it could be life changing so you wanna make sure you do it right ya know?? With a professional you will be comfortable knowing that they were trained in their field. Hope that helped!! 🙂

  2. i didn’t but someone i know used hypnosis and it worked for her..i myself used the patch..it took me only 3 weeks im smoke free till this day. 3 years

  3. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I use hypnosis to help my clients stop smoking on a regular basis. It is extremely effective. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Steve Ira’s programs. I looked on the net and see a lot of info regarding the effectiveness of his programs.
    If you truly desire to quit smoking and the desire is coming from within (not external pressure) you will definitely be able to quite smoking with any program. I know that http://www.wendi.com has some amazing programs.
    Good luck… the following will help:
    *Identify with yourself as already being a non-smoker
    *Force yourself to smoke during times you don’t feel like it
    *Don’t allow yourself to smoke at your favourite times ie: first thing in the morning with your coffee
    *Force yourself to pull over rather than smoke in a vehicle
    and come with a positive attitude

  4. Yeah my great aunt and uncle have been smoking for over 30 years. They had it done and didn’t even feel an urge to do it again.

  5. I’ve known people. It’s only a temporary fix. People usually go back to their problem. It’s better to ween yourself off, than anything else. Those get the best results.


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