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has anyone tried "ritual magic"?

i read about it in the liner notes of Tool’s Aenema. there’s gotta be a way to ascend to a higher level of consciousness, this stupid life cant be all there is.


  1. First of all..Tool is an AWSOME band!!! Secondly …Yes I do ritual magic on most full and dark moons. It is my spiritual path. It gives me peace and keeps me aware of life cycles. It helps my ability to visualize and meditate. It helps me to focus on what is truly needed and helps me aquire it.

  2. Ritual, or to be more precise, Ceremonial magick is a LARGE category. Wiccans of various sorts do what they perceive to be Modern Paganism (a large field in & of itself). Rosicrucians, of whom the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn & Thelemites (Aleister Crowley) derive, are a much more complex, Qabalistically (mystical Judaism) oriented system. As for myself, I most identify w/Thelemism 1st & Vajrayana Buddhism 2nd. Hope that helps. There are of course many links online.
    You can also look up “magick” in Yahoo Search, including Wikipedia. I forgot to add that one.

  3. Yes, I’ve done ritual magic a lot because my family is wiccan and we practice white magic, which is good magic, and there is black magic which I myself can do, but I don’t do it unless I have to. I am a positive person and I choose to give positive energy to the world, which the world needs.:O)


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