Home Discussion Forum Has anyone tried magick and its spells and have nothing happen?

Has anyone tried magick and its spells and have nothing happen?

In other words, discovered that it’s completely bogus?
I’m not bashing; I’m asking if it hasn’t worked at all for some?


  1. I’ve tried..nothing has ever happend…it’s possible i didnt do something correctly, i wouldn’t sy it’s bogus b/c perhaps it has worked for someone else but not for me =(

  2. Have you ever prayed and had nothing happen?
    Same thing, moron. Prayers are spells. Spells are prayers. Lighting incense and rubbing your candle down with oil doesn’t make it “work”. You kinda have to depend on the will of the universe once you’ve sent out your intention.
    If it ain’t meant to happen, then no amount of spells or prayers are gonna make it happen. Sorry!

  3. yes, i have tried, and yes, they do work. just because you dont think they do doesnt mean you have the right to bash those who do believe in it.

  4. The only time I have had a spell fail is when I am doing it for selfish reasons. Every single time that I have done a spell out of altruism, it has worked.

  5. I’ve tried it a million times..all d spells in harry potter books including alohmora,homelium revelio,expecto patronum,crucio infact i tried avada kedavra on my sis…lolz but no result..i guess i got to hav a wand….

  6. Well, when I was young, maybe 9, I was curious, so I sent away for a spell book. I never attempted any spells, because the book told me to murder my dog, drain all its blood, cut off its head, bury the head under a tree, then sprinkle its blood around the tree while saying some stupid chant. I decided I believed in my dog to much to take a chance on witchcraft. 😉

  7. Spells are essentially a set of words, incantation or formula of words with magic potency. However spells are fickle and subject to many conditions. If a spell is not performed properly it will not work, prayer should not even come into it as that is religious and this is a magical question. Also, intent is important, some spells require strong intent on the wizards part in order for them to work. Especially Dark spells where the intent is to seriously harm as well as in advanced spells. Also, being specific and knowing when a spell is appropriate is key. If your wish is not clear or specific enough then your spell may not work properly or may not work at all. Sometimes spells are not appropriate as the object is too indistinct or unspecific and a spell would be ineffective. Of course most important of all is the ability of the caster. Magic is an art that only some are born with. Magical people are born with their ability. However experience is necessary and as they say practice makes perfect. Things cannot always go smoothly. So, at least in the early stages, magic is as much about study as it is about practical application.
    Starfall; I am sorry that your experiences of magic were not always to your liking however not everyone can practice magic, however magic takes time to become experienced and requires serious study.

  8. Yes, been there, done that.
    As for what Abby said about spells being fickle and not working if they’re not performed correctly, that is one of the things that really made me return to God. At least when I pray, I don’t have to do it “right” for Him to hear and answer. I’m sorry if that sounds like bashing; that is my observation and my opinion.

  9. That’s as silly as saying beautiful piano concertos don’t exist because you can’t play them. Concentration and practice! If all spells and Magik work were as simple as “abra cadabra”, then EVERYONE would do it. And that’s the point. Not everyone CAN do it. Some are naturally gifted and some study and practice until they get it right. If you thought Magik gets you “something” for “nothing”, YOU have failed, not the Magik!


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