Has anyone tried chakra opening/healing for emotional issues? Does it work?

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bah, diamond white is better 3 litres per night


i am a spiritual healer hun and i dont really open my chakra’s but it does seem to work when you surround yourself with bright white light before trying to heal


If you believe it will work, it will work. Like most things.


It can be dangerous if the person that opens their chakra’s, especially the head chakra is going through a stressful time or a psychotic episode as I once did and a spiritualist used a rose quartz to flow energy through my head chakra, it was awful and made me worse!
I’m very wary of dabbling with chakra’s now


just listen to doreen virtues chakra healing CD. i felt v nice and peaceful.


There are websites out there that claim to clear your chakras across distance – I question that. In order to settle emotional issues you need to undergo a process that doesn’t happen instantly. The book ‘Eastern Body Western Mind’ by Anodea Judith is a detailed resource of chakra opening and healing and explains very well what the chakras entail and their relationships to eachother etc.


Hi!! edith.
I have been a spiritual healer now for 20 years and can assure you that it does work. A cure may not result every time but the opening of the chakras allows the person to absorb energy and the their own immune system can take over and do some self healing. Important:- one must remember to close down the chakras after treatment.
Healing, meditating, relaxing through them cannot fail.
Contrary to some beliefs one doed NOT need faith to be treated, it is not faith healing, but of course it does help if one can build confidence in the procedure.
Dedication, prayer, and meditation are essential if one wants
to become a healer. Should you need more information, or help in your endeavours you can contact me at any time.
There are laws governing the practise which you should study, more especiallyif your are treating children.


I have been using Reiki for emotional healing and it is working. If you go to a good Reiki therapist or learn first degree yourself, you will be opening your chakras as part of the treatment. No matter what therapy you choose, you need to be ready to address those issues that caused the problem in the first place. If you find and deal with the cause, you will eliminate the dis-ease. It won’t happen overnight, but it will be worth the effort. I’m a Reiki master now, and if I can help, I’m willing.


Hi I’m Kiyana , I really need help… U see I want to have a chakra, emotionally and I want to have chakra but I don’t know how , and that I want to be a master just like u! But the problem is that I need help doing that, so can u help me become a master too??


I think its fine i open my chakras monthly especially my solar complex. with Tiger Eye.

Jack the Mack

Anyone who believes that they have chakras in the first place must have serious emotional problems.
My suggestion would be to seek psychiatric help


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