Home Discussion Forum Has anyone tried Chakra Meditation for fertility?

Has anyone tried Chakra Meditation for fertility?

I have done some research, and found many sources that say chakra meditation (the 7 focus points in your body) is really good for you if you are TTC. I have been doing it this month, and it seems to really calm me down. Has anyone tried this and had any sucess?


  1. I haven’t heard it can be used for that. but i’m guessing that it would seeing as that it would calm you down and not stress about having a baby so badly. hope it works for you.lots of baby dust.

  2. Hi .. I am a yoga and meditation practioner.
    I have helped over a dozen couples to conceive using proper naabh shodha methods and meditation.
    And yes CHakra meditation and specifically variants of it have helped.
    At a very personal experience level – My wife concieved a healthy baby – all thanks to meditation.
    This is my blog: http://naabhi-shodha.blogspot.com

  3. I would be careful about all that. For starters anyone charging for it is just in it for the money and will have no idea what they are doing. There are far more charlatans in this area than there are people who know what they are doing. With all the new age groups around that seem to randomly manufacture their own knowledge it can actually do more harm than good.
    The only method that i trust is called Sahaja Yoga. It is consistent with the ancient Yoga sutras but doesn’t require you to follow a teacher or pay anyone to learn it.

  4. Anything that keeps you calm and makes you feel better is worthwhile. I would use the Law of Attraction and begin to manifest your desire.
    I personally know of a woman who was told by her doctor that she would never conceive. She had great faith and would not accept that diagnosis. She began to wear maternity clothes and prepare a baby’s room. PS. She got pregnant and had a healthy baby.
    If you want it to happen, you will have to believe it will, and just because you have created it.


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