Home Discussion Forum Has anyone tried a good course for conversation hypnosis?

Has anyone tried a good course for conversation hypnosis?

My supervisor says I need to improve my conversation skills so that I can increase my sales which is below average. I have been asking around and friends have suggested I take a course on conversation hypnosis.


  1. Hypnosis is always good in helping a person overcome his shyness in conversation. It always helps you to talk in a way that get the message through to your listener without obstruction. Very effective for sales.

  2. Yes, conversation hypnosis is very good for improving a person’s ability to sell better. My nephew was in a similar position as you and I recommended him an online course based on the teachings of the famous American psychiatrist, Dr. Erickson.
    Not only his sales improved but his personality really flourished. Within a short time, instead of being a quiet boring guy, he became a very respected trainer having his own company.


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