Home Discussion Forum has anyone taken their toddlers to childrens yoga classes or anything?

has anyone taken their toddlers to childrens yoga classes or anything?

I want to do something with my son and i was thinking about taking him to childrens yoga classes but i don’t know what would be best? Can anyone recommend anything that you do with your toddlers that i could try?


  1. My son hasn’t been to an actual yoga class, but my mother does yoga in her personal gym and he LOVES to join in with her. The hard part is he can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 mins. His attention span isn’t that long, as is with most young kids. But he LOVES it. He’ll sometimes do yoga with her in the yard just for fun.
    I wish they had aerobics classes for Mommy’s and their toddlers. When I take my son to the gym (he goes to the daycare there) he stops and stares that the aerobics/step classes. He’s fascinated by it, or he’s being a typical guy and checking out all the ladies in the class. LOL. But I bet he’d do a 20 min class with me if they offered it. Too bad they don’t though!

  2. No, I just played with my kids, loved them, read to them, sang to them and rocked them to sleep. I don’t see the need for all the other nonsense.
    Watch him play and join in, see the world through his eyes. Blow bubbles, go for a walk and stop often to get down to his eye level. Show him things like butterflies, birds, flowers and cars.
    Don’t make him feel as if he has to compete with other kids for your attention and affection all of the time. That happens in school. Be just his mommy sometimes.
    Good luck and God bless you.

  3. i love yoga! classes for toddlers arent offered in my town, otherwise I’d sign up for it! I do have a mommy and me pilates/yoga dvd, but it is aimed more for babies who arent quite mobile yet so you can do positions while the baby is laying down and you can play.

  4. Hi there,
    I take my little one to baby yoga & they have a baby massage class there.
    It is perfect for encouraging little ones to firstly extend and move their limbs, to try new ways of moving around and having fun. The at the end their is a small mother/child massage section where the mums lie down their little ones and gently massage their arms, legs, heads etc. It is very soothing for the children and if in the morning like this class, helps promote a nice relaxed lunchtime sleep.
    Try googling “yogabugs” or “mother and baby yoga”
    Hope that helps you


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