Home Discussion Forum Has anyone successfully invoked a succubus?

Has anyone successfully invoked a succubus?

I’m trying to have a relationship with a succubus.
Everyone keeps telling me that the succubus will kill me.
No one has really answered my question.
Frankly, I don’t care what happens so long as I have relationship with a succubus.
If you have successfully invoked, summoned, attracted a succubus, please tell me how you did it.
If you don’t want to answer in here, send me an IM or E-mail.
If you’re going to just tell me how bad an idea this is, don’t bother answering.


  1. I’ve met one, but she had self control and only fed when nessecary. So i believe it depends on the amount of self control.

  2. You can not invoke a succubus.
    Succubi do not kill their food source, usually.
    You can INVITE one to come to you.
    A simple spell or ritual would suffice for this.
    Sometimes just putting it out there to the Universe that you want this experience and then letting the energy go so it can manifest works just as well.
    Good Luck

  3. succubi cannot be summoned. THEY choose you. Only little teens are naieve enough to think they can control demons. Also, ONCE MEN HAVE BEEN WITH A SUCCUBUS, THEY ARE UNABLE TO “PLEASE” A REAL WOMAN AFTER THAT. The “trigger” goes off too quickly.
    So why are you trying to summon an succubus? Can’t get a real live girl? Why not build up your social skills and instead of having sex once in your sleep when you won’t even remember it, why not establish a relationship with real girls that will provide a lifetime of frienship, partnership, fun (maybe marriage and children) and of course, sex.
    Your friends are wrong, succubi do not kill their partner, but your seed is possessed by a demon. If you care about the souls of your children, you might care if a succubus visited you.
    Also, bear in mind tha succubi and incubi are the same spirits. So unless your gay and don’t care, that’s up to you.

  4. yes, i have one with me for 1 month now.
    i am verry happy with her, but i cant touch her cant hear her and i cant see her. all that will take time, i can feel her touching me , and i do sence her around me the whole day. so yes they do exist, the one that is with me is so sweet and i will not ask her to leave me any more.

  5. I did a ritual with a bllaack mirror and I think I have invited something else which keeps on hurting me and I m still safe due to my worry stone


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