Home Discussion Forum Has anyone read the Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey?

Has anyone read the Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey?

What does it consist of?


  1. Me, I read it…I just re-read it, actually
    It consists of humanistic philosophies and teaches to do what you want within the limits of society and not bringing harm to others combined with some weird satanic type rituals and sexual philosophies.

  2. satan is a gimmick, the book is really about worshiping self, so its more like a type of atheism than anything else. the expression is where religion and myth come in in a way that spits in christianity’s face.

  3. Yes. Many times. I own two copies. One is mine and I lend the other one out to folks who want to read it.
    It has three main parts. The general bible part, the magic ritual part and then the Enochian keys.
    You can pick up a copy at BArnes and Noble and check it out if you are interested.

  4. You can tell by the answers who has and who hasn’t.
    answer: Yes, I have as well as Anton’s other writings. You can read it on-line – google and you’ll find it. You can also pick one up rather cheaply on Amazon.com used books.
    Satanism is NOT what the majority of people think – LaVey Satanists do not believe in any deity, including Satan. Children and animals are sacred and to be protected. There is no heaven or hell, live to the fullest. Care for yourself, family and friends first.
    There’s more. Hit http://www.churchofsatan.com
    (avoid Joy of Satan – it’s not connected to LaVey Satanism and has some unusual beliefs even in the Satanic community).

  5. I’ve browsed through it at bookstores.
    It’s meant to be a joke more than anything else. Lavey was a carnie who loved to shock people. Much of the edition of the Satanic Bible I saw was Christian rituals written backwards, as if Lavey meant to mock those who played records backwards for satanic meanings.
    A more interesting book was written by Lavey’s secretary Blanche. I met her once years ago. You might laugh but she seemed like a nice lady.

  6. Own it Applied and Loved it! Learned More, now I have what I call a logical spirituality although I dont fall under the label Satanist.

  7. Lavey was a carny showman and he learned his craft well. I met a few satanists while living in California. They might have been moderately wicked by your run of the mill Puritan’s standards, but they were hardly evil. America to them clearly worshiped money, power and sex. According to the country’s dominant religion those things were of the Devil, so why shouldn’t a good American worship Satan. (One of the women I met was really into Ayn Rand!) No one really believed in a personal devil. It was a metaphor for the materialistic values they saw around them.
    (Actually I would have loved to have been invited to a service at the house on California street; I understand they used JD as communion wine!)

  8. Yes.
    It certainly does not consist of what some people think it does.
    go to http://churchofsatan.com
    that has a decent synopsis of a lot of information that is contained in the book, though the book obviously has a lot more written about the philosophies as well as the usual anecdotal material.
    I’ve found that most people who trash the book haven’t actually read it.


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