HomeDiscussion ForumHas anyone read The Lesser Keys of Solomon?

Has anyone read The Lesser Keys of Solomon?

What is your opinion of the book?
How authoritative would you say it is?
Do you feel it’s a good place to begin to learn about ritual magic or is there another book you feel would be a better start?


  1. 1. It’s a pseudodiabolist piece of tripe, don’t confuse it with the actual Key.
    2. Not remotely.
    3. I don’t think RM/CM should be learned from books.
    Edit: As I said in my email, there is no substitute for experimentation and participant observer research.

  2. It’s a handbook of processes. It explains nothing about the practice and theosophy, only the process and tools. Its like a automotive handbook you get with a new car. There is no theory behind it.
    It is never a good idea to do anything unless you completely understand the processes behind it.

  3. As others have said, it’s a fake.
    As a “spellbook”, it’s as “authentic” as the Dungeon Master’s Guide.
    You might as well read the Necronomicon, or better yet the Silmarillion.
    Tolkien was a way better writer than Lovecraft, imo…


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