Home Discussion Forum Has anyone out there had a near-death experience?

Has anyone out there had a near-death experience?

If anyone has had a near-death experience, I would like to hear what happened.


  1. please come soon i am abouit to die now…………. r u coming now or not……………….. you can witness it yourself……….lol………

  2. yes…. one time i got shot and almost died…………the good news is……….i have saved a whole bunch of money on my car insurance by switchin to geico….

  3. I have not had any near death experience myself, although i had many a brush with death. I read in Readers Digest in June, 2006, the event involving a person who remained in coma for a pretty long period and yet came back from coma and narrated her experience in the state of coma. While in coma, she has said that she went into a different world of consciousness and there were many who had died earlier and were showing a lot of concern for that person. She also met Saibaba who wanted her to remain in that world. After this event, that lady lived for some more days. And died eventually. But, in the interregnum, she is was perfectly in peace with herself free from any anxiety. It is also said that Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi, as a boy, used to lie down like a dead corpse and imagine that he is dead. While in that state, he started inquiring, what is ‘I’- Is the dead body or some other than the body? This kind of inquiry, eventually made him leave his house and led him to Thiruvannamalai, where he lived a saintly life, and where he was met by Paul Brunton, whose book brought him to light to the western world.

  4. Last December I was driving on Ca 12; a 2 lane highway with occasional upaved shoulders. The fog was so thick that I could only see about 10-15 feet in front of me. I thought I was not driving too fast for conditions but a tracktor/trailer pulled out from the right about 10 feet in front of me, blocking the right shoulder as it made its turn.
    I had two choices; pull into the oncoming lane and hope I could pass it, or face certain death. I chose to floor the gas pedal and ; luckily a car that was oncoming slowed down enough that I passed the tracktor/trailer with a split second to spare.
    I and my family are now forbidden to drive in heavy fog even it means the loss of a job.

  5. I was almost killed in a car accident when I was 17.All I can remember is driving down the road listening to a song on the radio, and the next thing I remembered was waking up 4 days later in the hospital.There’s more to it but I have never been able to really remember what I was thinking or seeing during the time I was out and I have had alot of people tell me that because it was a bad experience, my brain doesn’t want me to remember it. I have at times,(at least for awhile after it) I did start remembering a few things but then my mind would go blank or switch to something else. Maybe some kind of deffense from my body not wanting to go through the experiance again? I will never know I’m sure until maybe after I am finally dead.I know alot of people have said they seen this or that but I can’t say anything for sure about it either way. That may not answer you question but it is about all I can tell you as far as almost being dead or a near death experiance because the Drs weren’t sure if I was going to live or not!


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