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Has anyone out there ever gone to a Native American Pow Wow or participated in a sweat lodge?


  1. Yes I have been to a pow wow before.I really enjoyed my self.The food was very different and very delicious.
    They danced ect

  2. Public powwows, yes. Inipi, ‘Sweat lodge’, no, and wouldn’t unless I knew the people and was invited to something legitimately run. Though being me, I’d probably decline even a legitimate invite, I just don’t see it as something I have any right to be in.

  3. Oh yes, I’ve been to several ! But, I’ve never participated in the sweat lodge!
    My ex-wife, was part Blackfoot Indian, so we used to go to the ones that were nearby!
    You don’t have to be Native American to go to one!
    We had lots of fun, the kids had lots of fun, and they had a lot of good food, and entertainment!
    They do a lot of traditional dancing which was great to watch!
    During the dance where the Indian girls pick a male dancer to dance with them, they took two of my sons, to go out and dance the traditional dance with them!
    They are a lot of fun, and if you are looking for eligible batchelors, there are plenty of them!


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