Has anyone noticed a shift in the energy since flight ban introduced over most of Europe few days ago?

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I guess this question is addressed to those who work on their awareness. Taichi, qigong, shiatsu practitioners, acupuncturists, etc

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OIL/FUEL is big business and alot of $$$$$$ not to mention tax revenues something nobody wants to talk about.


I feel more peaceful. I keep looking into the sky, I have never seen it so clear before, and there are no air plane ‘trails’. I have noticed more birds and bird activity, probably because of my change in habit, but also I think, because the birds want to fly more. I want to be outside, the weather has been so nice lately, and sitting in the sun is so relaxing and yet so energising too. I’m beginning to hope that things don’t go back to ‘normal’, but that would be selfish of me. The days of air travel are numbered anyway.

Jam Pie

I know what you mean. I posted a question last week about the peace and quiet I was experiencing because I live close to an airport. There was a definite change in the spirit of the place. An intense swell of natural sounds I was unable to hear before. Considering it is almost 100 years since the skies were that quiet, it is not surprising that we all sensed a change. I too somehow wanted it to remain that way. Maybe that moment of clarity just helped people like you and me realise that we yearn for more peaceful surroundings. Perhaps some of us may have been inspired to go and search for them.


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