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Has anyone here studied to be a Shaman? Or are you a Shaman?

Please tell me how a Shaman is different than other healers? How do you become a Shaman? Why would you become a Shaman?
I am trying to learn more about Shamans as I know they are prevalent with indigenous peoples but what about in our society?


  1. i am actually a lvl 39 tauren shaman from thunderbluff, and its good to be a shaman cause ur magic is strong and u can heal yourself, i also here they get all the ladies, not to brag or nething

  2. every one is a healer ,a my-styc ,a shamen uses the forces of nature [white man calls science] but knows and applies all natures tools and healings,
    its a calling you allready know if you wish to heal ,love nature ,love god and have your teacher [be they spirit or flesh ]
    ever civilisation[read tribe] has its wise men ,even if onl;y in rememberance of past problems and how the hurt ,injury ,pain was ended ,we have hundreds here on yahoo alone ,they mightnt even be aware they are healers ,using nature ,nurture ,right ,prayer and spirit and animisum but they yet are.


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