Has anyone here practiced Thelema?

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If so, could you tell us about it?

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I don’t even know what “Thelema” is.. I am off to google!


no……I do pray each day….

Exterminating Angel

No, but I’m starring this in case some of my contacts would like to answer.

Labgrrl, CWF

Yes and no.
Sorry. I think the kind of details you want would violate confidences I am held in.
(The other answer would be to take Thelema literally and go ‘but of course, dear, I always practice thelema.’)
Edit: I always thought Will would be a great name for a child, but I only had one. 🙂


I knew this girl named thelema once. I practiced.

Roni Ann


The New Atheist

LabGrrl makes some good points ;-).
I have two cats, one named Will and one named Love. 😉
But really…if you really want to learn more about Thelema why not try the Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn’s website? It’s has the original virtues and pillars and such, yet it’s reformed. So it’s a better version now I suppose.

Orat Ator

I am a Thelemite.
Love is the Law, Love under Will


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