Has anyone here had what is known as 'Sleep Paralysis?'?

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Has anyone here had any experiences known as ‘sleep paralysis’. I have a couple of friends who have had scary sleep paralysis experiences.
I use to have experiences myself aproximately four times a month, right from when I was a small child. I would not be able to move (except for being able to open and shut my eyes). During the ‘sleep paraysis’, I used to see and hear frightening things and it was horrible. My sleep paralysis seeemed to have stopped since I got baptized fifteen months ago and don’t know whether that is a coincidence or whether there is something more to it than that.

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Gallivanting Galactic Gadfly

I’ve woken up stiff

Shinigami (FAC) weeaboo

Yes, and I never want to have it EVER again.
I will never forget it. ever. It was absolutely terrifying….and very different from a nightmare or bad dream.


Baptism has nothing to do with Sleep Paralysis. It is natural and has happened to many people. Read up on it.
Night terrors are much different than Sleep Paralysis. Night terrors are dreams that cause us to scream or cry at night; often waking us up. They differ from nightmares though because we are unable to remember the dream, or why we woke up screaming, when conscious.


Multiple times. However, ever since I’ve become an atheist, it’s stopped, probably due to the lack of the Catholic pressure of always being good. Sleep paralysis is merely caused by stress and fatigue.

Sweet Suzy 777!

It’s called night terrors. Yes I have them, my grandmother had them and my youngest son has them. Go on line put ‘night terrors’ in your search bar.

Raith the Glitter Ninja

It’s happened twice to me and I never want to experience it again. Both times I felt like I couldn’t breathe.
And getting baptized, or anything else religiously affiliated, has nothing to do with it.

Instant Star Just Add Coffee

I use to experience it quite frequently. I don’t really know the cause of it, but it generally happened after having a nightmare. All I know for sure is that it’s a HORRIBLE experience, and I used to dread going to sleep.


Yes, I think everyone does. Night terrors are nightmares. Sleep paralysis is a stage of sleep. We usually are asleep at that stage, but sometimes we become conscious too soon and experience it. Baptism has nothing to do with it. You just grew out of it.


Yes, I had had them most of my life until about 10 years ago. They were terrifying. They stopped instantly and completely for me after a spiritual experience.

Lady Kk

At least one sister and one brother and myself have all had experiences with sleep paralysis. I would wake up and not be able to move any part of my body except my eyes and eyelids. Not even a noise can escape my throat when experiencing sleep paralysis~meaning I could not physically scream out. Once I fell asleep with the light on and I woke up not able to move. I was trying to focus moving my pinky finger when I noticed something out the corner of my eye. I looked by only moving my eyes in that direction, and there was what appeared to be a fist banging the wall coming towards me. (Ever see how something moves when you turn off and on the lights real fast? Sort of choppy, that is how the fist appeared) I closed my eyes real tight and cried out to God in my mind. The paralysis was broken and I was able to jump from my bed and run out the door. I was 16 when I last experienced sleep paralysis and thank God for that!


It has happened to me several times. Usually, my bed is being shaken by invisible demons or someone is breaking into my room. Once, spiders the size of my hand were floating around my room on webs suspended between their legs. For me, it is a matter of stress or being in a new location.


Hello & god bless
Is that what it’s call I had those your right you can only move your eyes nothing else you can see everything around you but the only thing you can do is close your eyes it happened to me 3 times but one night it got really scare I thought I was dreaming I seen a white lady trying to take me but she could not so I seen her going to get help I said to myself ooh no she is going to get help I was laying down but than I seen myself standing in front of my bed screaming out loud but no one heard me scream my lungs out something out of a scary movie I would say with my eyes wide open try to escape a force too strong holding me back but in a few seconds it let me go I ran out the bedroom I have heard voices and noises as well I always thought it was demons from beyond trying to take my soul but since I have been back in church and praying fasting it has not come back even known I am a Christan I sometimes sense something will take me. now when I hear people die in their homes I wonder if they went through what I went through it has to be something with demons and evil things.
and no I am not crazy I though I was but now I see others have been there too.
god bless


My Mother had it once and my brothers friend. He was probably 10. Both on the same day. They both said they woke up to something on their back. They could not see it but felt it was evil. They were having difficulty breathing and couldn’t move.
Some years later I read that this is “sleep paralysis”.
My mother was always a good Christian. Extremely honest.
I have also wondered if there is more to it than what they claim.


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