Home Discussion Forum Has anyone here had past life regression? What was it like?

Has anyone here had past life regression? What was it like?


  1. I reverted to a monkey ate a bunch of bananas and my wife was mad because she could not make banana bread. So I flung poo at her.
    Now I am picking my own ticks and fleas out of my hair.

  2. yes,
    I remembered many things about egyptian history that i was never taught.. my mom did some reasearch and found that it was true (what i remembered) ..
    it was definatly a time well spent.. i learned abit more about myself..
    if you would like more details you may messege me off my profile

  3. It depends on the previous life, it can be good or bad. If you were rich or well known you might have a good next life. If you were poor and useless on the earth you were suppose to help work, you will be put into the fire and have no other life after wards. If you were a hero or a warrior you can choose to work with God for a job of some sort or your life can be whatever you want it to be. If you want another life after this you have to know that God exists, that you repented any sins you may have committed and that you are full aware that anything is possible, no matter what. Almost anyone who is born has almost always came from a previous life. Think back, were there any natural abilities that you may have had and were good at immediately, the first or maybe second time you did something. Most fears come from previous lives and some are made before you enter the womb. In other words coming from a past life is pretty cool, because you know what is real and what is not. Plus, you remember it as well, or at least I do anyways.


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