Home Discussion Forum Has anyone here had an out of body or astral projection experience?

Has anyone here had an out of body or astral projection experience?

Care to share?
Oh- and don’t bother answering if you haven’t had anything. Thanks.


  1. I have, many time’s. Mainly when I was younger. I was told it was a gift. It would usually happen upon waking…I could feel my soul connect back with my physical self. Ive had dreams and wake up to find out that I had visited and watched a typhoon hit japan. I woke up and there it was on the news’s, I was dreaming and watched from above the whole thing. it was very scary for me.

  2. My dad had that experience during a surgery when he had a alergic reaction during surgery.
    His body was on the surgery table and he was also out of his body watching from the ceiling and later could tell the doctor what happened when he was watching his body below

  3. One time i left my body while on 2 hits of acid, 4 beers, about about 3 grams of weed. I could see everyone in the room, including myself, and when i tried to talk, i could see myself doing it, and i could see people responding, but i could not hear anything.

  4. Kind of, I was only able to project one of my arms on two separate occasions, and only after Ive woken up from a lucid dream, and only after a few months of deep meditation.

  5. My first was I astral traveled, flying through the night skies, I met a spirit woman and we hugged as if we knew one another. I thought at first it was a dream, until that same spirit woman made herself known to me.
    My last was I astral projected to fight a demon spirit off, I came out of my body and saw him at the foot of my bed, I went over to him grabbed and threw him to the floor, and held him there, I called out for some one to give me a cross, then that spirit woman from above came and handed me a cross that looked like the one hanging up in my sons room, I put the cross on his forehead and smoke rose up as he screamed out…well he never came back after that.

  6. Nope nobody has in the history of the world anywhere, ever – full stop.
    If it were the case then, as I have suggested in a question that was deleted and then reposted, why has someone not come forward and claimed Randi’s million dollars to give it to a charity that helps needy children? This so called ability would be one of the easiest to prove. But alas! Nil.

  7. Yes. this one time i thought i was awake, i know there was more to it, but all i remeber was standing at my bedroom door about to walk in, and then im all of a sudden sucked back into my body, and im think how the f did i get here so quickly. and im in sleep paralysis thinking theres a demon or something and im screaming in my head and going crazy and trying to move, that was it.

  8. “!! I most certainly have!!”
    Click my profile for books on the subject.
    Okay, first of all, Sausage Wallet ( although he is intelligent ) is dead wrong about astral projection not being a reality. I myself have had a number of out of body experiences and was even abducted by a reptilian entity on the astral plane during an o.b.e. I wasn’t harmed by this creature btw.
    Sausage Wallet mentioned that people would claim James Randi’s one million dollar prize. What so many skeptics don’t realize is that master astral projectors have THEIR OWN SOURCE OF MONEY, AND DON’T HAVE TO WORK TO EARN A LIVING. Therefore these people have no desire to claim someone’s money. And also, people who learned astral projection tend to be more aloof and disconnected from the worldly issues…..normally anyways.
    Hope this answer helps you some!

  9. I had my first experience at age 6, followed by many, many more. It wasn’t until I was in my mid teens before I knew what it was and and that it was dangerous. I don’t have any elaborate stories to tell you about them, I’d just float up to the ceiling and look down at my body, I could travel to different areas of the house. I never saw the “silver thread” that some people say exists though. Even though I was told it was dangerous, I thought it was awesome. I did have 2 episodes where I was trying to get back into my body and got stuck. I don’t know if I passed out or what, but when I woke up, I had the most excrucating headaches I’ve ever had in my life (my thought is lack of oxygen). After that 2nd time, lesson learned! My OBE were both willingly and unwillingly. After my second time getting stuck, if I felt it coming on, I’d do anything to stop it.

  10. When I was ten or eleven, I read ‘Journey’s out Of The Body”.
    I thought I’d try to visit my friend about a block away.
    I never told her of my intentions, and she wasn;t aware of the book.
    I watched her cover her head with her blanket and say “Victor”?
    The next day, when I came over to her place after school, (I had forgotten about my visit),she asked her brother, “Victor. Were you in my room last night”?
    I was convinced that I suceeded in visiting, and told her about my trying very hard to visit her.
    She told me she was so scared, that she put her blanket over her head.
    The mind is a powerful thing.


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