Home Discussion Forum Has anyone here had an incubus/succubus encounter?

Has anyone here had an incubus/succubus encounter?

I have had an incubus encounter. Just looking for like-minded people and their stories.


  1. I had a succubus encounter. It was very negative. We started talking on a Ouija board, met for coffee, had what I thought was a special encounter. Now she won’t return my seance calls or even let me see the demons we produced that night. I was nothing but a “land of the living booty call” to her.

  2. Not sure if it counts, but there once was a guy in my life who could make me feel tired and drained just from being in the same room as I was. He sucked all the positiveness and energy right from me, a horrible experience.
    Thankfully my friend was with me in the house and felt it too, she taught me a few things about protecting myself.

  3. Twice in my life (20 yrs apart) I had the same terrifying dream – with realistic feel that conjured incubus images. In the dream I was wakened by someone attempting to have sex with me – at first he appeared to be someone I knew but as soon as I doubted this, its face began to rapidly change into other faces that I might perhaps trust. It’s clutch upon me tightened the more sure I was that this creature was no one I knew or trusted and that this was a purely evil force that I was in the clutches of. My fear seemed to be a source of enjoyment or amusement for the creature. Although my desire to escape eventually proved stronger than the creature’s desire to fool me or keep me in it’s grasp, I woke feeling extrememly invaded and felt I’d barely escaped. It was after the first dream / nitemare that I read other similar accounts of other women (all different cultures – going way back in time). There were many tales that were much more terrifying than mine – many of the incubus accounts I read were horrifically realistic encounters &/or rapes.
    Both times I dreamt of this creature – I had fallen asleep mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted by someone in my life that I needed to distance myself from. I do believe that learning to recognize people & circumstances that could drain me this way and to avoid them before it got that bad has been the key to avoiding negative or evil in my life in general.
    I did not specifically see the winged-incubus in either of my dreams – but then, I only focused on getting away & avoided looking at it any longer once it was clearly a benevolent ‘creature’ to me in the dreams.
    I have studied & kept records of my dreams for years and of them all – the two described here in-brief were the most terrifying by far.


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