Home Discussion Forum Has anyone here had a?

Has anyone here had a?

near death experience? What did it feel like?
FYI: Cerebral hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the brain) causes your pineal gland to release the neurotransmitter dimethyltriptamine (DMT). This is why some kids enjoy choking each other to the point of passing out. DMT is the same neurotransmitter that causes you to dream. A hydroxylated alkaloid of this neurotransmitter is the active ingredient in “magic” mushrooms.


  1. I “died’ for 5minutes over alcohol poisoning, it only felt like a second or two, but it was in 3rd person, seeing everything, no body believed me until i repeated exactly what they said when i was dead. Which you probably won’t believe me either.

  2. No, but I have extensive experience with psychotropic substances. Not DMT specifically, but many others, including psilocybin, which you mention, although I wasn’t aware it was in the same chemical family as DMT.
    I’ve also never had anyone choke me.

  3. Oh yeah, I know all about what happens with near death experiences. Some people die and look absolutely horrified and some do not. Thanks to hospice, more die zoned out on morphine.
    It just makes for more work for the undertaker if the body is viewed.
    What you fail to address is people who report knowing details that would be otherwise unknown to them during these episodes. You fail to address people who quietly have supernatural experiences and do not publicize them for fear they will be consider lunatics. Remember when homosexuality used to be a mental disorder? Look for similar changes in the way psychology views angelic visitations and voices that are not attributed to schizophrenia or mass hypnosis.
    Check into Howard Storm’s book called My Descent Into Death. Why would an atheist professor decide to become a pastor? He is aware of dimethytriptamine and the functioning of the pineal gland. This explanaion is the classic rebuttal of near death experiences.
    .Why don’t we hear of near death experiences by atheists reporting no one was there and it was a jolly good time? Where are their books?
    Another interesting book is Placebo by Howard O. Pittman. Betty Eady also wrote Embraced By The Light. Don’t just read other people’s research. Study for yourself.


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