Has anyone here ever tried Dark Magick?

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Josh i fully understand what i am doing. you dont understand Dark magick.
I want to know if u seriously tried Dark Magick. If you did what was ur experience, was it tough, uncomfortable, those kind of things. I am practicing with the Dark Arts and I was almost killed twice by my friends on accident. so yeah tell me about ur experience.

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You’re a noob. Don’t play with things you don’t understand.


I haven’t really tried any of it but I’ve read about it and researched it just out of curiosity. I’ve always been intersted in the occult and the paranormal, not like being in a cult or anything but just because it seems interesting. But no, the closest thing I’ve tried is Wicca.


Explain to me exactly what you perceive to be the “Dark Arts”? As far as I was aware there is no classification of White or Black Magick, only that which we interpret. The borders between the two can be almost undetectable at times. I am genuinely curious to hear of your experiences though. I would also ask that you refrain from this pursuit, Black Magick may appear powerful but I assure you its affects are far more detrimental to yourself than you could imagine.
Shaved – In simple terms “magic” is fraudulent trickery whereas “Magick” is genuine and far from that associated with magic, the spelling acts as a differentiation between the two. The reasoning behind the use of the spelling of Magick goes far deeper, but you could literally spend hours explaining it.


I did’nt like the dark magic stuff I was more comfortable in the enviormental magic. and luck and candles… I love candles. I beleive in ghosts and demons and have encountered a couple ghosts and they were terifying so I figured I’d rather befriend them then upset them and cause them more caos…


Magick neither dark nor light. neither black nor white. neither good nor evil. that is the provence of those who would use it.
this is an obvious troll.


dark magick is like dark matter but without the extra (K)


my friend did, i just watched, summoned a demon and it smacked him a couple times, it disapeard so then i smacked him…. he is kinda normal now…. main point u gna get hurt…. ur any way sometime gna do some level spell that requires u to drink blood… go ahead im sure it tastes good……..


No. I took Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts, so I’m pretty much safe.


We’ve woven hearts a thorn arbour
Left tear streaked reason upon the shore
And bereft of compass, star or more
Set out for this World’s end
Few at the prow, most slave below
Painting coal a perfect gold
But for all it’s worth, the engines slow
Dead in the brine again
Come cabin fever, sodomy on the Bounty
Prey to phallus seas
That hiss and foam to douse disease
A storm roars on the way
Blacker than the Ace of Rapes
Dealt out by Death in darkwood glades
Our Ship of Fools, all boards handmade
Sinks, dashed by seismic waves


and what have you accomplished so far… besides scaring yourself half to death?


If card tricks don’t come under dark arts/Magic then nope I haven’t.
why do you put a K on the end of magic? you do it a few times so it’s not a typo? is there a reason?


wow. you are a WONDERFUL person! playing with ‘Dark Magick’ is like beating up the elderly -just for fun.
So, basically what you are asking is: is there anyone else out there that is as much of a jerk as you are? why don’t you just go around shooting cats with a cannon…just because?
Almost killed by your friends on accident? can you say ‘Darwin Award’? …it’s only a matter of time.


Everyones idea of “Dark Magic” is different. My opinion of Dark Magic would be different than yours. You seem to believe it’s Black magic (when in fact it’s intention that is “Dark” or “Black”, not the magic itself). I have indeed partaken in so-called “Dark Magic” (though I do not color-code my magic). I prefer not to divulge what that magic was, for it’s none of anyone’s business…but I had not experienced anything that would come remotely close to fatality.
It takes a LOT of concentration (much like any form of magic) and a lot of focus. You have to know what you’re doing (not think you do) in order to practice safely.


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