Home Discussion Forum has anyone here ever felt they are clairvoyant or an indigo?

has anyone here ever felt they are clairvoyant or an indigo?

I have always felt different from others odd in many ways. i cant seem to pinpoint why i am. i dont even have any special abilities like seeing the future super intelligence. Im no expert in anything not at all in sports. but i do feel like there is something i ought to be doing that needs a follow through but have no idea what it is. Please no mean comments just simply asking if anyone has ever felt this way at all. what about and why do you think so?


  1. Nearly every kid in the history of.. history has felt “different from others and odd in many ways,” especially us slightly less socially belonging folks. Everybody feels like they should have some kind of “destiny” once in a while. That’s all normal psychology, but you are almost assuredly not supernatural in any way, as I almost assuredly am not.

  2. clairvoyancy is a con trick performed by unscrupulous individuals who set out to trick the dim-witted and gullible. Only morons believe in such nonsense.
    ‘indigo children’ is another way of saying ‘spoilt brats with pushy over-indulgent parents’
    Only you can answer whether you belong in one or other category.
    Everyone is unique without the need for ‘special powers’.

  3. Clairvoyants are mostly deluded or frauds. That is an inescapable fact. Yes, if some stories are true then certain people, most of whom are well known through history such as Edgar Cayce have been able to perceive things that appear miraculous. But there is no guarantee that the stories are true and it is also clear that when these people tried to predict the future they fell flat on their faces. If Edgar Cayce had been able to predict the future accurately half of California would have been under the Pacific Ocean by 1990.
    Yes, it is true that sometimes you can have flashes of insight into someones character or background. But you pick up on that from little things they say and do. I have done it myself once or twice and no doubt there are ways to make a skill of it. There are also systems called “cold reading” where the “clairvoyant” asks questions and then paraphrases the answers back to the subject later on.
    Indigo. Yes, I read about that several years ago. I have seen a lot of gibbering idiocy on the internet and frankly, the indigo stuff is not the worst. But it’s up there. Brain dead women blabbering meaningless New Age swill and about their apparently spoiled rotten offspring.
    And that’s not being mean. It’s being utterly contemptuous.

  4. Sounds like a pretty normal feeling to me. But then I strongly suspect I have Asperger’s Syndrome. When you know that your brain does not function the way others do, you realize that you cannot predict how others feel. This can give you a sense of social isolation, a sense of being different.
    You are different. Whether or not you are an Aspie I couldn’t say, but I’ll see if I can find that link for you.


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