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Has anyone here ever been succesful in Astral Travel? If so, please tell us about it. How did you do it?

Also, did you experience anything bad, or come across things you werent expecting? Is it easy to do?


  1. There are different kinds of astral travel. Try this technique, called “remote viewing”. Pick a shop near your house that you’ve never been in before – let’s say it’s a Burger King (nice if it’s open late). Pick the night of the full moon (happens to be tomorrow). Find a really quiet place where you get moonlight, say near a window or outside. Do some deep breathing and relax deeply – if you have a hypnosis tape, use it! Make sure you ask your Spirit Guides to be present and to protect you on this journey (if you don’t already have Spirit Guides, then just say “Spirit Guides” – they know who they are). Then try “travelling” in your mind to that shop, say Burger King. Open the door, and see what you see. Are there plants near the door? How is the dining room laid out? Which way to the bathrooms? What do the bathrooms look like? Are there a lot of people in there? What do the people behind the counter look like? Write down whatever you come up with, then go to the shop and see how accurate you were. Good luck!

  2. The furthest I’ve ever gotten was about 6 inches out of my body. I was not dreaming or asleep, I was fully consciously aware I was also NOT on drugs of any kind.
    Its basically a simple concept if you believe in this sort of thing.
    You have an astral body that coexists with your own. When you fall asleep your astral body (some say subconscious) drifts away from you into the Astral Plane (as apposed to the physical plane or spiritual plane) and you dream.
    The idea is that you meditate and control your breathing so much so that your heart slows to the point which you nearly drift into unconsciousness (sleep) but at the same time are focusing very strongly on sitting up thus not actually falling asleep.
    You then reach the point between consciousness and unconsciousness where you are still mentally aware but your body is completely asleep and your mind body or astral body gets up out of your physical body in the astral plane.
    There are many different techniques to this and a lot of them are influenced by religious teachings but I wouldn’t suggest them unless you fully understand the correspondences they use to focus your mind. For instance, Gold is the color of Tipheroth from Kabala’s tree of life, the symbol of the sun giving the invoker feelings of warmth and calm.
    A lot of people who claim to have experienced Astral Projection claim to hear a fuzzy static noise that gets louder as you approach unconsciousness then goes away once you’re there, fully awake in the Astral Plane.
    I experienced such a noise and occasionally hear it when I’m drifting into normal sleep.


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