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Has anyone here ever accessed the Akashic Records? What practical advice can you share as to how to do this?



  1. not to my knowledge however
    if you feel this is where psychic information comes from then it is possible that i have done so

  2. there are sound programs that can help you to access this record. it’s done through brain entrainment using binaural beats.
    these beats are created through two tones very close in pitch. the vibration caused by the difference in pitch can have amazing effects on the brain including the projection in to the aetheric realm. give it a go. you can download a basic program off the net at http://www.bwgen.com

  3. You can set up a visualization process while meditating. You imagine yourself climbing the steps to a huge temple filled with infinite knowledge. You have to enter and find the custodian and ask to see the records and tell him why you want to see them. He will then take you to a room filled with shelves of books. These could also be video tapes. You ask for a particular record then view the record. When you are finished you thank him and visualize yourself leaving. This method takes a bit of practice and often the pictures or images come to you at a later time.
    I did this and saw myself being killed by a tiger as a Chinese boy in 1938. I’ve had a few other images.
    The key to knowing if you are imagining or really seeing a past life is the depth and conviction of feeling that you get. If you have a strong belief that what you are seeing is true, then it probably is.
    There are instructions in various books written by psychic mediums on this and other techniques. Good luck.


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