Has anyone heard of "soul connections"?

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I have this insane attraction to this guy. Its not like a regular attraction. Its like I know his feelings & his heart behind his facade…its like really strong energy in my heart chakra & solar plexus…very intense & scary….& also before I know he is around, same energy, & pow there he is. Also I havent heard from him in a month, typical, he likes to take time alone(mars in cancer?) & I had a really crazy dream about him telling me wht he was goin through, & I woke up feeling like me & him had a counseling session in the astral… Weird… Sorry for rambling…Ok so I wanna know if our birth charts could hold some answers to this soul connection thing, are they related? His dob 6/17/85 mine is 11/26/85, so does that compatibility make him my mirror?

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Meaningless, empty contrived waffle


soul ties… read your bible and forget astrology… you are playing with fire… there are evil spirits … spirits of lust and deception… the devil is real… God is too…

Sjnoring Ejvrloodyr

Your forehead chakras tend toward orange in each other’s presence, which actuates exciting ripples in your auras.

BrokenEye Evoluted

Wait. . . . did you say he has cancer? Poor guy.


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