Home Discussion Forum Has anyone had strange experiences with Ouija boards or the occult?

Has anyone had strange experiences with Ouija boards or the occult?

I’m very interested and curious in Ouija boards and other such portals to other dimensions. Has anyone had strange experiences with Ouija boards or anything else from the occult? You can email me if you don’t feel like answering on the forum, I am very intrigued.


  1. Ouija boards work on the ideomotor effect – you’re moving it yourself, whether you realize it or not. So that’s why you can never get anything out of one you didn’t know or couldn’t have made up yourself – you’re not contacting anything but your own subconcious. ‘Portals’ don’t exist, and when scientists talk about other dimensions, we’re not talking about places you can go, like on Buffy. We’re talking about tiny spacial dimensions wrapped up inside our own. If they do exist, you can’t go there – you’re already in them. Nature is cool enough on it’s own without having to make up more stuff to put in it.

  2. After making a homemade ouija board my room has gotten odder than it was before. I thought I was crazy so I used a recorder and recorded a man on tape. I will show you if you want me to.I also think I opened a portal because I saw a black dark thing by my t.v it was about 5 or 6 feet tall. I covered my head and saw it again. Look Ouija boards are not fake if you said they are then you must not have used one.

  3. Ouija boards do work on the ideomotor effect. If you were actually contacting dead people it would be pretty easy to prove by asking them to supply unique information which could be verified, but all anybody gets is stuff they make up or stuff they already know.
    How can it spell words perfectly – it can spell as well as the people participating in the session.
    How does after using the ouija board odd things happen? – Strangely enough odd things don’t happen to skeptics after using it.
    How can i spells out sentences when other people are using it too – because most sentences follow a logical format that is predictable.
    How come some people die from using them. I read ths thing about a lady who asked the ouija board when she is gonna die and she died like a week later got hit by a car – aside from that being just a story, what about if I ate marmalade on toast and then got hit by a car, would that prove marmalade is dangerous or could it be an unrelated event?

  4. Ouija board is a toy. get real. It has no power. A piece of cardboard does not have power over me. If you want to open a portal, ask the ghost of the house to approach you.


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