Has anyone had POSITIVE effects from Kundalini yoga?

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i always read about the dangers of Kundalini yoga and i have no desire to lose my mind and effect everyone in my life, but i love my Kundalini yoga video. i need to lose weight and find that it’s a great workout. Any adice or interesting experiences? BTW Kundalini IS NOT ABOUT SEX- people who think that are severely misinformed.

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It is only positive, a good workout


I haven’t actually tried it myself but my friend who takes regular classes tells me that aside from the physical benefits it has helped her relax a lot and shes feels much better mentally since she took it up.

Angel B

Dangers? I guess I’ve never heard of any danger’s I love it I feel more relaxed, I’m losing weight my back feels great I really enjoy it I guess if you have some health issues I would suggest you speak with a doctor first otherwise go for it.


Kundalini Yoga is very Dangerous to practice.Only people who can withstnd Extreme pain can think of Kundalini Yoga(Brahma /Vishnu/Rudra Grandhi Bedham=Breaking the knots at three points which is extremly painful) and also one should learn from an Excellent Teacher.I don’t think any suchTeacher is available now.All claims are BOGUS.DO NO’T subject your body tobe Experimented on wrong things.
(Retired) Assistant Director-Central Council for Research in Ayurveda,Siddha,YOGA,& Homeopathy-Government of India.

Brandi c

I don’t know what kundalini means


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