Home Discussion Forum Has anyone had any strange meditation experiences?

Has anyone had any strange meditation experiences?

Just thinking… I read this thread last night on a meditation site and came upon a guy who said he had a Kumujani or Kumulani or something like that experience?
He explained how this particular meditation session messed him up for life.
Has anyone had this experience? Has anyone experienced something extremely spiritual which blew your mind and changed your life? Excluding NDEs.
I have personally experienced a few strange things. Just curious as to who else had a weird experience?


  1. you mean a Kundalini awakening?
    i have not experienced that.
    i have had strange experiences meditating but i consider those experiences distractions. visions, strange auditory hallucinations, feelings of distorted perception, disorientation from gravity ect.
    all that is just your mind coming up with new ways to pull you out of your meditative concentration.

  2. Well, it didn’t change my life or anything, but I once had a very strange experience while meditating. I was pulled up out of my body and became like a buzzing blob of energy that zoomed uncontrollably around the room. Although physically I was lying on my bed I could see the room as I rushed around, nearly zooming into the walls. I’ve heard of people having out of body experiences but this wasn’t anything like others’ descriptions. It was very unpleasant. This experience happened when I was in college, and to this day I still don’t know what that was all about.


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