If you have had massage especially for cellulite or to aid lymph health, I would be particularly interested in more specifics about what that was like, and how many treatments it took. And if anyone used Gotu Kola, I would appreciate hearing about how that worked or not.

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  • I got rid of my cellulite around my knees the old-fashioned way, through power lifitng, stair climbing and yoga.

  • You may consider avoiding hydrogenated fats in the diet. Dr. Tim O’Shea has written about the perils of certain fats and especially soybean oil, which he has alluded to as being a contributer to cellulite. This can be found on his website in an article titled “The Magic Bean”.

  • Do you use a microwave? if so stop. The process turns food into toxins the body can not assimilate and stores as cellulite.

  • Dry skin brushing. Before showering take a dry long handled bristle brush and using upwards strokes towards the heart, brush arms, legs, buttocks or any area that is effected by cellulite. You will soon notice the difference.

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