HomeDiscussion Forumhas anyone had an accurate tarot reading?

has anyone had an accurate tarot reading?

has anyone had an accurate tarot reading, I’ve had some.


  1. I haven’t had a real tarot reading before, as in I’ve never had someone do one for me, but I found a good website called Mysticgames.com. They have Horoscopes, Rune readings, I-Ching readings, a daily Oracle, and pretty accurate tarot readings, and much more. Although it is generated through the computer, I’ve had some really good tarot readings using the Mysticgames website. They have a lot of different spreads to choose from, as well as different tarot decks. My favorite deck is Mansions of the Moon tarot deck. Every morning I can’t leave the house until I’ve gotten my tarot reading(s) in for the day. I would love to have someone do a real tarot reading for me, but haven’t had the chance to find someone who can.

  2. Yes…my granny could read tarot very accurately. She didn’t make a business of it or anything, but our family have always read cards for friends and other family members.
    I can read also, but only do it for friends, sometimes at parties, and never for money. I have an ethical problem with taking money for a talent given by God.

  3. Despite the fact that I myself am a tarot reader, I have never had an accurate tarot reading. I’ve had four readings from tarot readers or self-proclaimed psychic/astrologers. They were all dead wrong. When I began my spiritual path, I quickly knew that I wanted to teach people how to intuit for themselves, more so than read for them. But in all these years, I have found that some tarot readers are not psychics. Furthermore, I’ve found that some tarot readers don’t even really know how to see the cards and read them correctly because they are only reading from rote memory. I try to teach people how to determine when a tarot reader is legit. One of the main ways is ego. Psychics want to help people. Egotists want the power trip. Scam artists never question themselves. They know exactly what they are doing and why. Whereas, there are times in every psychics journey where they will go, “What the hell? This is crazy. This can’t be happening.” Even if they believe in the spirit, the soul, the Divine, they are always questioning, because psychics need validation just like everyone else does. If you would like to know more about tarot and how to read for yourself, there are some helpful articles at http://www.cassystarot.com


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