Home Discussion Forum Has anyone had a third eye tattooed between their eyebrows?

Has anyone had a third eye tattooed between their eyebrows?

I have 3 tattoos and would like another altho i wouldn’t go as far as putting one between my eyes it was just a random thought. Altho I do sometimes do things on impulse without thinking too much about it first.


  1. I’m sure someone has.
    Think of it this way – If you’ve already thought of it, and you have no intention of doing it, someone probably already has.

  2. No but i have seen someone with it on. They said ‘It was well cool although you get the odd person or too looking at you, but people think it is real and stop doing bad things and freak out! You should get it done ust to freak peple out. If you do post it on yahoo questions to ask if anyone else has or will.’

  3. well not that iv heard of ..but there most likely are people with a third eye tattooed on their forehead..so no it wouldn’t be original.
    if this is your first tattoo then some tattoo artist wont do facial tattoos or tattoos on your hands for your first
    most people would not recommend facial tattoos,and your is pretty extreme
    i was talking to a chap with his whole face and head inked,,and he wouldn’t advise anyone to get facial tattoos even neck or behind ear..anywhere visible actually unless they are really commited
    is a life long commitement you have to be able to deal with the stares,questions and abuse some people will give you for facial tattoos
    in the end its your own choice..all i can say if you regret it you can always grow a straight across fringe and alot of make up

  4. yeah i have the guy that plays in Pirates of Carribean.. <~ Johny Depp~> but other than that noooah.. that would be crazy.. i couldn’t imagine..lol

  5. Hahah My uncle friend did that. She lived in India and she convinced half the people in her town that she was a goddess. She had light brown hair and a pale skin with hazel eyes. The tattoo eye color was green and she just walked around out side and people would clear the road for her.

  6. hey,
    erm i reckon it would deffo be different, but id do it with that UV stuff, so that its not on show all the time but if people look close enought hey can see it. but really dont do it in black, i really think you’ll hate it after a while but then again it depned on what you want. xXx


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