Home Discussion Forum Has anyone had a 'spontaneous kundalini awakening'?

Has anyone had a 'spontaneous kundalini awakening'?

Is there anything to do now, (after ‘awakening’), besides:
1. just live, & try to help yourself & others, if help is needed.
2. try not to regress, and continue on the path to enlightenment.
How has kundalini awakening changed your life?
Did you learn anything specific from it, that you can put into a Yahoo answer?
Do have any ‘special powers,’ post-awakening? (I don’t, but I’ve heard that some people do.)
What now?
3. not be arrogant….
and 4. it’s like the movie, “Fight Club”–first rule of kundalini experience = don’t talk about kundali experience.


  1. http://www.sahajayoga.org is all about that.
    Awakening, or ‘self realization’ is only the start. You should be able to feel the cool flow of the kundalini on your hands and above the top of your head (like a gentle breeze). It should bring you into the state of thoughtless awareness if you sit with your attention on the kundalini above the top of head.
    There is still a lot left to learn. That is just the start.
    (oh, and yes i have experienced it.)

  2. Kundalini awakening is a process that will ultimately release all your latent samskaras (subconscious imprints) from this and past lives. Your vibration is increasing, your consciousness is expanding, and you get close to God-realization. Your whole body and mind gets transformed. Your ego is crushed and all negative energy blockages are removed from your aura. You get face to face with your hellish nightmares, fears, repressed emotions, traumas, etc. as your ego is weakened. This is healing. The process takes a long time though. Along the way, you may have extraordinary experiences, etc. Just learn to let go, accept whatever happens to you, don’t fight or panic (attributes of ego). Just let the negativity be released so your true self can shine through.
    God bless …

  3. Hi,
    for a month now I have been feeling a subtle vibration at the end of my tail bone, it comes and goes and lasts from 2-10 seconds. Can you tell me if this is a sign that my Kundalini is waking up? Thank you,

  4. I’ve been having the same symptoms as Parisa. My tailbone keeps spontaneously vibrating ever so slightly since last week and last night I had a subtle pulse sensation. At first I thought this was my root chakra being awake but now I’m beginning to think that my Kundalini may be waking up even though I did nothing to provoke it.
    Also last week before the vibrations started, I took a really bad case of vertigo and almost got motion sickness from it but I’m not sure if the two are linked. I also had a few digestive problems like bloating and what not since last week too…
    Any thoughts?
    Any thoughts?


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